Can a DeviantART account be reactivated?

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You might be able to reinstate your account after a 48-hour wait period if you deactivate it within the first 21 days of opening it.

Is Reactivating Your DeviantART Account Possible?

A website called DeviantART has been online for more than 15 years. It was initially intended to be an online community where artists could post their work and receive comments, but it gained more popularity than anybody had anticipated. With millions of visitors each month, the website is still active today. On DeviantART, there are a ton of options that may be used to further your artistic abilities or to simply have fun. However, after being inactive for a while, many users inquire as to whether they can renew their accounts. We’ll look into the answer to this in this blog post and examine how DeviantART manages accounts once inactivity expires!

how to sign up for Deviantart Complete guide?

The biggest online art community is on DeviantART! Over 300 million works of art created by artists from around the world are available on DeviantART. Simply create an account and start playing right away!

  • launch a browser
  • go to

adopt these actions:

  • Select “Sign up” from the menu.
  • Complete the fields for your username, email address, and password. By selecting “other” as the account type, you can also decide to open a DeviantART account with an email address that isn’t a Yahoo or Gmail account.
  • Type the username you want to use (no spaces are allowed)
  • Choose a secure password that combines letters, numbers, and symbols! In order to have lots of opportunity for creativity in creating unique passwords, make sure it is at least 15 characters long. If you lose this password, whomever finds it will be able to access it without you being able to retrieve it. Make sure your password is both short and easy to remember when creating it.


How to get my account back on DeviantART?

Simply log in and begin perusing DeviantART’s diverse and active artist community.

Does DeviantART delete inactive accounts?

Simply log in and begin perusing DeviantART’s diverse and active artist community.

How to reset my password on DeviantArt?

By selecting “Login” and then the “Forgot your login or password?” option on DeviantART, you may confirm that your email address is up to date. You will receive an email with a temporary or new password after entering your username.

DeviantArt is it legal?

Even though you do not give up your copyright for the work when you submit it to DeviantART, it is still covered by all applicable copyright laws.