Can I access my old MySpace account?

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Enter in the address bar of your browser to access your previous MySpace account. Then, use the website’s search box to look for yourself by name. From this screen, you can look through images, videos, music, and more if you were tagged at some point. You do not need to know or create a new password to access any “public” accounts for your profile.

How to Log in Into My Old MySpace Account

This post is ideal for you if you’ve ever wanted to access your MySpace account but were unable to remember the username or password. MySpace was originally a hugely popular website in the early 2000s, but its popularity has since significantly decreased as a result of users moving to Facebook and Twitter and other social networking platforms. However, MySpace still has a sizable user base, some of whom desire to collect all of their old MySpace content in one location or revisit it after a long time has gone.

The ways for accessing an old MySpace account that was created before 2012 and how to login to MySpace if you forget the login information are covered in this article (when they shut down the MySpace API). Once you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be able to log into MySpace using the MySpace mobile app, access MySpace in a contemporary web browser, and download it for offline viewing.

If this applies to you, I’m sad to say that the only way to access your old MySpace content is to wait until MySpace decides to archive your MySpace page on their website. This might occur in two years, fifteen years, or even more. MySpace features an automatic archiving system that will delete inactive users’ accounts after two years. MySpace, however, only saves former MySpace users’ pages until they exceed 3GB in size.Therefore, I advise downloading a copy of your MySpace page(s) and saving them off on your computer before the enigmatic MySpace archiving process starts to take place if you still want to access your MySpace after it has been archived by MySpace.

It depends on the year your MySpace was founded (and whether or not they’ve reopened the API) as to how you can access an old or forgotten MySpace account right now.


Do old Myspace accounts get deleted?

space profiles They are located in your profile’s “Mixes” section. If you’re having trouble finding your previous profile, please get in touch with customer service so we can search our records for it.

Why would my old Myspace pictures not load?

Photos and albums will be automatically transferred as long as your profile is connected to a traditional Myspace account. You cannot recover any photos if an album or photos has room for pictures but none of the pictures load.

Why do some of my photographs on MySpace not appear?

If your images are absent from the new website, it indicates we did not have a copy of them to transfer. Try searching for records of an account with your email address or full name if you no longer have access to any photos (if you never entered this information).

Why were my images removed from MySpace?

An statement that has since been withdrawn stated that “Any images, videos, and audio recordings you contributed more than three years ago, may no longer be available on or via the website.” We sincerely regret the trouble.