Can to get back Facebook account easily?

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  • There is a simple way to go back if you don’t like how Facebook changed the News Feed and added Ticker.
  • Simply switch your language option from English to another language (US).

Although the Facebook app has grown somewhat bloated in recent years, we have some advice to help you get the most out of it.

Here’s how to recover some space if your Android phone or tablet is being overtaken by apps. [CNET: How to make room on an Android device]

If your header image (1280x720px) has a lot of details, such people and places, it can be too huge. In order to enhance performance and stability for users with slower connections, try increasing the size again if you have dropped the resolution below 720p. For additional details

Friends who want to see your postings with the new cover photo format must opt in. Only a link will be displayed if users choose not to receive these updates. How can I ensure that my followers see my updated Facebook Timeline profile picture? – CNET ]

On Facebook, you can send a friend request or a private message whenever you want. How to remove someone from your friends list is a common query among users. It’s crucial to understand that you don’t technically “delete” this because nobody would ever notice. However, there are three main situations in which you could want to get rid of someone: if they stop using the service, if you learn they are no longer a reliable source, or if you are just plain a

You can’t change your Facebook username after creation, but there are a few ways you can customize it. One way is to add an underscore (for example Jane Doe becomes jane_doe). Another option is to use numbers in place of letters (Jane Doe could become j1013e). If none of these work for you, then perhaps it’s time for a new nickname… [ How do I make my facebook name private? – CNETnnoyed! See the following link for more details. [CNET: How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook]

It can be a little confusing if you’re used to Facebook’s functionality prior to Timeline. How can we make sure that our bygone days are not lost forever? It seemed that very few people were pleased with the modifications made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s declaration of “a major shift in the design and experience of Facebook.” The good news is that there is still hope even though Timeline has been around since 2011! We might only need to fiddle around and change a few things.

Next, navigate to the Account Settings’ Timeline and Tagging area. Make sure that the Timeline feature is set to “I like it.” This will guarantee that you can view everyone’s posts on your Facebook news feed. Try hiding all of the updates from the people whose updates you want to only see before unhiding them one at a time. A tip: If you’re experiencing trouble with this, post a status update on your own timeline; it should show up there even if other people can’t see it!

How to see deleted Facebook profiles

Try changing the “Top Stories” settings from 1 (High) to 5 if there are specific postings you want to appear on your news stream (Most Recent). Alternate options for this could potentially be tried. If you experience issues, you might need to visit each post individually and restore its privacy settings to how they were before to the implementation of Timeline.

If videos aren’t showing up in your Facebook news feed, check that “Video Posts On” is set to Everyone in the Timeline and Tagging section of Account Settings. You shouldn’t have any problems with videos after doing this.

not being displayed in your news feed. If you do not see this choice, it implies that Timeline’s default setting for videos was “Friends” by default.

How can I get in touch with Facebook regarding a problem?
Try changing the Album Privacy settings from Friends of Friends to Public on the privacy setting page if you have photo albums from before Facebook implemented Timeline and they appear to be missing in action.

There seems to be just one option if you really want the old Facebook back: deactivate your account! The small blue “x” next to your profile photo (next to “Mark Zuckerberg”) may be found in the upper right corner of any page. Feel free to click it. After deleting yourself, repeat these procedures to establish a new account under.

How to delete my activity log on Facebook?


How can I recover my old Facebook account?

Go to the account login page and select “Forgot my password” if your account has been compromised or if you have forgotten your password.

Can you get Facebook back after deleting?

For whatever reason, Facebook will allow you to recover access and restore all of your data if you want to delete your account and stop using it.

How can I recover my old Facebook account without email and password?

With a different email address or phone number recorded on your account, you might be able to get into your Facebook account. Visit and follow the steps if you are unsure of what alternative information you have.