Can you cancel MyFitnessPal premium?

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To stop MyFitnessPal Premium from renewing, change the “Auto-Renewal” menu from “On” to “Off” on the Premium detail page.

This blog post explains how to discontinue MyFitnessPal premium.

The premium version of MyFitnessPal can be cancelled. This article will explain how to deactivate MyFitnessPal premium and its advantages.

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This article describes the procedures to follow in order to terminate your MyFitnessPal premium membership. If you are currently a MyFitnessPal Premium member and wish to cancel your membership owing to changes to the program or for other reasons unrelated to being dissatisfied with the services offered by My Fitness Pal Incorporated, the information provided below may be of assistance. Some MyFitnessPal Premium users might prefer to have the option to quit their paid subscription plan right away, rather than having to wait until Section 14(a) below, when they become inactive. Try My Fitness Pal Free first if you want more options when purchasing My Fitness Pal Premium.

  • Steps for Cancelling MyFitnessPal Premium
  • Cost and value of MyFitnessPal Premium
  • Issues & Complaints with MyFitnessPal Premium

How to discontinue Myfitnesspal Premium is covered in this post. It enumerates some of the main objections individuals have to My Fitness Pal Free and why they want it removed from their phone or other devices. If you’ve tested the app but decide you no longer want to use it, the author then explains how to cancel your membership so you may receive a refund if necessary and stop making payments moving forward so there won’t be an automatic renewal at the end of the year.


How do I cancel MyFitnessPal premium membership?

  1. To start, click the Play Store app.
  2. Click Subscriptions from the menu.
  3. Click on MyFitnessPal Subscription, then click Cancel at the bottom.

How do you cancel MyFitnessPal?

Go to, log in, then choose “options” and finally “remove account” to delete your old or extra account.

How do I cancel my Albion premium account?

Contact us if you want to end your membership.

How do you cancel MyFitnessPal?

To delete your old/extra account, go to, login, then select “settings” and finally “delete account.”

How do I cancel my Albion premium account?

Contact us if you want to end your membership.

How much is MyFitnessPal premium UK?

A free premium membership is offered throughout the three-day trial, and you can end the trial at any point to avoid paying anything after the month has passed. (Normally £7.99 per month) 2 Day Trial One month of free premium membership is provided by the 1 Month Free Premium Membership, which is sufficient for the majority of people who need to track their diet and account for calories consumed.