How did my facebook account get deleted?

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If a user repeatedly violates Facebook’s terms of service, their account will be permanently deleted.
or deletion requests.
if the user who posted the offensive material requests the account be deleted.
Normally, Facebook would offer them a chance to remove it.

After reading the story on the Cambridge Analytica incident, I attempted to delete my Facebook account. The way they exploited a Facebook app to pay users to complete quizzes in order to harvest millions of people’s profile information was made public. In the end, they also stole and sold the data belonging to all of their acquaintances. This made our social media networks vulnerable and made people aware of how much control we actually have over our own personal data.

The content of your account is presently concealed from other users because it violates our community standards, however when I attempted to remove my account, I received this notice. Your entire personal data was likewise erased. Facebook will permanently delete your profile if you are inactive for seven days.

I was frightened when I read the phrase “permanently.” As a result, I decided to hide my timeline (which doesn’t remove anything) and then I started listening to a CNET podcast about how to improve your privacy. That is how many people are now interested in having our accounts deleted! People are finding innovative ways to protect their privacy; others even called Mark out for “selling his users’ privacy.”

In fact, Congress called Mark Zuckerberg to testify about Facebook’s participation in the Cambridge Analytica controversy on April 10 and 11. He also expressed regret for his handling of the situation at first. You may watch Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony here:


How come my Facebook account vanished?
You must submit an appeal if you don’t know why your account was blocked or deleted in order for Facebook to look into the situation.

Does Facebook ever remove user accounts?
You cannot cancel your Facebook account by letting it go unnoticed. This needs to be done on Facebook’s Account Settings page. Your account cannot be revived again after it has been terminated, and all content, including Timeline posts, will be permanently wiped.

How do I get my Facebook account back?
Open Facebook in your web browser and go there.
Enter the password and email address connected to your deleted account.
Choose “Login.” Your account is now active again.