How do I delete my bumble profile prompts?

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You can change your responses or choose a different question to keep things interesting, but you cannot yet completely erase a Profile Prompt. To alter something in the app: Select Edit Profile, then press the X that appears after your query. If you wish to edit an answer, select Update, and if you want to change the message’s profile prompt, select Replace.

How to Deleting Your Bumble Profile Prompts

Have you ever received notifications from Bumble asking you to delete your account? If so, this post will assist you in deleting your account. For many reasons, deleting Bumble profiles is a crucial action to take. People typically remove their Bumble profiles because they want to take a break from dating and give themselves more attention. They might not want to experience it again if they are in an abusive relationship or have been catfished in the past. Whatever the situation, we hope this concise guidance will be useful to you.

How to Reset Your Bumble Account

Bumble has annoying features including bumbling, matching, and babbling.

On the bumble program home screen, select “Settings” to access the “Reset Account” option. Contacting customer care at or visiting their website at to submit a request through an email form or chat box system are further possibilities for deletion (chat hours are Monday – Friday from 12PM – 11:59pm PST) Don’t get in touch with them on social media!

Unless someone is stalking you, make sure to maintain privacy when you tap the prompt to remove your profile.


Can you change Bumble prompts?

On Bumble Web, edit the profile prompts by: Click My Profile Prompts under Edit Profile. To amend your response, click anywhere on the prompt that is shown in yellow.

How can I get rid of a second Animal Crossing New Horizons account?

Prompts on dating profiles are ways to start a conversation and reveal more about yourself while also telling your narrative. You will need to speak with customer support directly if you want to remove the prompt.

How to edit my bumble profile?

your Bumble profile, follow these instructions:
Use your preferred login method to access Bumble.
After selecting Edit Profile, hit the About Me section.
In this part, write a clever, captivating bio, or paste one from another source (up to 300 characters). Then, after clicking Save, the app will no longer display your prompt.