How do I kick someone off my Xbox Live account?

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Go to Settings>System to remove a Gamer Profile. When Storage is chosen, choose All Devices. A gamertag can be erased by selecting it from this screen, then choosing Delete.
Three possibilities are available.

Steps on How to kick someone off from your Xbox Live account?

how do I kick someone off my Xbox Live account?

  • You must use the Settings menu in order to remove someone from your Xbox Live account.
  • Click on “Account,” then click on “Privacy & Online Safety.”
  • After that, select Manage XBLAccounts.

A list of all active Xbox Live accounts linked to this gamertag or Xbox Live id will appear on the next screen. Click Remove User at the bottom of the screen after choosing the account you want to delete from the list. Use one of these troubleshooting steps if it indicates “locked”: – Go to settings > Privacy & Online Safety > App-specific permissions > xbox live account and check under Applications details to see whether any apps have been installed for this xbooklive ID but not yet removed. – Check if any items are in your xbooklive library that you want to keep by going under Apps info in settings > Privacy & Online Safety > xbox live account list

  • Confirm the deletion by clicking Remove User once more.

How can I delete a user from my Xbox Live account? It can be challenging when I’m unsure of how to approach an Xbox buddy about having a negative impact on me or seeming like they don’t care about what we’re doing together anymore. Using either the gamertag or Microsoft ID linked to your profile, you must first log into your xbooklife console.

How much does Xbox Live cost for a month?

Through your Xbox 360 game console, you may access the online gaming service known as Xbox Live. It offers voice and text chat, the chance to play games with players from across the globe, the opportunity to download content, a friends list for chatting while playing online, and much more. Xbox Live is available in two different versions: You can either purchase tokens starting at 50 cents each or a paid version that costs $60 per year. I thought I would write this blog article outlining how one might go about getting rid of their account because some people have complained about not being able to remove their account if they decide they want it closed.


How do I get an Xbox Live account?

  • You can create a new Xbox Live account by doing the following:
  • Select the Sign in tab on
  • Enter your email address and password again, but keep in mind the confirmation pass you received when you first created your account. Choose Create one!
  • our first name, last name, date of birth, and sex will be requested on the following screen (in addition to any other information that matches the previous profile). After finishing, make sure everything is accurate before choosing Get me going!

Is Xbox Live free now?

If you already own an Xbox One, some of the higher-profile features of the service are free and available to all users.
However, if you still have an Xbox 360 or any other machine that runs an older operating system, then more advanced features require a paid subscription