How long it take to reactivate LinkedIn account?

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once your LinkedIn account has been deleted.
Your LinkedIn account can still be accessed for a period of 20 days.

Your LinkedIn account may occasionally be temporarily or permanently suspended. Here are a few causes for this development:

incorrect username creating duplicate accounts with automated tools and uploading offensive stuff posing as someone else System resource abuse breaking rules and regulations Privacy infringements

Email addresses associated with disabled accounts will no longer function because there is basically nothing you can do about it. Reactivating an account is straightforward, as it is with any social platform. This post walks you through each step you might take to restore your LinkedIn profile. Let’s begin right away!

a functional computer or smartphone A web browser is required for desktop users. You ought to have the official LinkedIn app set up on your mobile device if you’re a mobile user. Depending on the platform you use, we will provide the appropriate download link later in this post. It suffices to note that you can download LinkedIn via Google by searching for “download linkedin” if your phone or tablet’s home screen lacks a “LinkedIn” button.

Method 1: Email-based reactivation
In order to reactivate your account using this approach, you must speak with LinkedIn support. Send an email to to do this. The easiest way to get your account back online is to use this free service, which is available to all users. The fantastic thing about it is that you should get a response from the helpful team at LinkedIn Support rather quickly letting you know that they’ve received your email and asking for further information about how my name, email address, or password became stuck and prevented me from logging into my account. Additionally, give them any links if you posted something on other social media platforms or on a third-party website that garnered.

It can take a few weeks for them to respond to your email letting you know that your account is again operational once more. You can still sign in during this period using the email address and password you used to set up the account. When reactivated, go to settings/account information on Linkedin and update your password for future usage in the event that Google, Yahoo, or any other website where you use this email stops functioning or is breached, resulting in the online disclosure of your login information.

It should be noted that using LinkedIn’s contact form for anything other than asking a question regarding its product or service will result in your message being ignored by the company’s staff and never receiving a response.

Method 2: Phone-based reactivation
For urgent issues, you can also call their customer service line. The benefit of using this technique is that you won’t simply be getting automated messages like you would via the website form, but will also have the chance to speak with a live person. Call 1-650-804-4044 from your phone and wait for a pick-up. Hang up and try again later if it takes more than ten minutes or so. Additionally, keep calling until you get through even after several tries.

Give them a call if you are having problems emailing their customer service department (which is likely to happen during busy times of the day). Call when Gmail’s inbox isn’t overflowing with messages, such as early in the morning or late at night. Give them both your current email address and full name. To help you more swiftly throughout the allotted time, you can also let them know what time zone you are currently in. Finally, request that they automatically send a message through their system stating that you want to reactivate a certain account and include all necessary information about it for verification.

This method has the advantage that, if LinkedIn’s customer service team confirms that you are indeed attempting to log back into your account, they will proceed with reactivating it right away rather than making you wait several weeks for an automated reply as is the case when using the email service. Once more, just utilize the contact form on their website to ask generic inquiries regarding the product. It won’t reach an actual person, and they won’t react. Additionally, avoid asking them for any services unrelated to account activation because you’ll usually find up speaking with a salesperson or someone who can only help you with upgrading your account, products, etc.

Reactivate through phone or video call as a third option. Select “Contact Us” from the “Help Center” menu when using the Linkedin mobile app. If you’re a business user, select either “I’m having problems entering into my account,” “My company email is no longer working,” or “This is what happened to me.”


When will my LinkedIn account be activated again?
How long do I have before my account can be reopened? You have 20 days to apply for reactivation before we are unable to do so. You will need to establish a new LinkedIn login after this time period.

How can I get my LinkedIn account back online?
Click the large blue button to connect to the server, and then leave the website to do the rest of the work. Finally, kindly verify that you are a human being by checking this box.

After closing my LinkedIn account, can I reopen it?
Contact support if you think your account was closed inadvertently. Alternately, you can get in touch with LinkedIn from a desktop or mobile device and ask to have it reopened:
Follow the prompts after clicking “Profile” in the top right corner of any screen and choosing “Restore my account.”

How does deactivating my LinkedIn account affect things?
Your LinkedIn account will be permanently deleted, along with all of your data on the platform.

Can I pause LinkedIn temporarily?
You cannot disable your account, but you can adjust your public profile to decide who can see it when someone searches the internet.