How to Cancel Month Subscription on JustFab?

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By going to My Account or your online Boutique, you can skip a month of renting. Tap “Account Info” after selecting the “Account” tab in the mobile app. Under your name, at the bottom of the page as you scroll down, is the phrase “skip this month.”

JustFab’s free trial period is up, but there isn’t a Skip The Month button anywhere to be seen. Because I have already passed the 28-day free trial period, I don’t want to unintentionally be charged for another month’s worth of goods that I don’t want and cannot return. Do you know if such a button exists and whether I will be automatically charged for another month if I don’t press it? (I don’t recall what the email said in that regard.

Hello Steve You must cancel if you wish to stop being charged when your free trial is over. There is no true “Skip the Month” button. It merely serves as a way to express “I’m not interested.” However, they state in their FAQs that you can cancel at any moment by getting in touch with our Customer Support staff. There are still options for leaving even later. In order to avoid being charged again the following month, see here how to quickly and safely cancel JustFab auto-shipments. Regardless of when you cancel, I hope they’ll credit you for any subsequent auto-shipments that come and are debited to your card.

I’m curious as to whether the “Skip the Month” statement or one of their other claims on the page is what prompts them to begin automatically invoicing me each month or not. Or possibly something different like someplace else in the online buying process?

Essentially, I’m curious whether there’s a method to completely skip the month (without being charged for it) and remain unaware that I’ll be billed again the following month unless I consciously go back into my account settings and double-check by seeing myself get billed. Is there a way I can avoid the auto-billing if there isn’t one, in that case?

If they start billing me for another month after today without my consent or knowledge, that would be incredibly annoying. To be quite honest, I have no idea what is in any of these boxes, including the ones that say “my personal stylist” and “two additional hand-selected things.” Since it seems like the majority of these shipments contain full-sized products in any case, if they bill me for some of those items, it will just be annoying. I only accept these since they are free, it’s nice to try new things, and some of them are from brands I wouldn’t ordinarily purchase (and thus good to have around for friends and family).

You’re also correct regarding the no-returns rule. I really don’t want to be forced to keep things I wouldn’t have otherwise purchased just because that’s how things work around here. Okay Steve, many thanks for your assistance! -Steve

Hi, Steve once more. If there is no such thing, how can I get around automatic billing, you asked? Actually, there are still some type of techniques to do this. Read on.

Initially, when you registered for JustFab, you set up monthly automatic reorders for yourself (and at first this was billed monthly to your credit card). You’ve now been charged for one month after 28 days of receiving shipments every month since then. You now want to revoke!

Following are your choices:
1) You need to do nothing and allow them to charge your card again the next month if you want the auto-shipments to continue arriving each month without interruption. Despite the fact that they may begin sending items from a different selection after the first two months, they promise to keep sending out boxes every 28 days. I’m not sure how frequently they change their choices or whether they only release new collections at specific seasons of the year (or whatever).

2) After entering your login and password, you can check the box on this page: subscriptions. This will take you to the page where you may “Manage Your Subscription.” “Cancel My Membership” is a part that may be found on this website. When you click on that, you’ll see the following message:

Can I get a refund for the things I got and return them if I discontinue my membership? Unfortunately, we are unable to offer exchanges or refunds for any items that have already been ordered or bought from JustFab. Simply send back any item(s) that don’t meet your needs or style so we may continue to curate your box! Our objective is to give you fantastic things that are carefully selected because we think they would look great on you. You acknowledge that there are no returns possible for any things you have ever received from JustFab by clicking ‘Cancel’ below.

If you read that, it means that they won’t refund your money or accept returns, so if you decide to cancel now with just the three boxes you’ve received out of hundreds, it’s too bad for you! You have to use those products indefinitely (and no refunds). That’s how they encourage “try before you buy,” and I suppose that’s how they encourage people to take chances on novel products? In addition, I would surmise from reading this message below: Even if you have discontinued the subscription, we may still send out individual product shipments every six months as part of your membership. This is so that we can offer our consumers personalized style and fashion recommendations, which we firmly believe in.

We occasionally like to share with you special deals. If we choose to do this, we’ll send just one shipment every six months out of politeness for you to try the things we’ve suggested based on your fashion tastes.

It appears that even if you cancel your subscription now, you can still receive a fee in six months for only one more package of goods. And I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it. I wouldn’t cancel my subscription at this moment till I received their upcoming boxes and saw what new merchandise is on the way, but it doesn’t really matter because: 3) You can unsubscribe from JustFab by clicking here, but this won’t stop them from sending you emails that tease you about the newest items they want to sell you.

really… If you wish to stop after the 28-day grace period, you’ll need to take action. Before their next month of reordering approaches, I would hit that link and unsubscribe. You’re then like a sex offender on the run from JustFab since you never know what they’ll send! The items in your closet will be abandoned at a mail sorting facility or another location (I’m not sure where things go when users are removed from these websites). That’s all there is to it, then. I’m not sure whether any of this was actually interesting or helpful for someone trying to quit JustFab, but I hope it does.


On JustFab desktop, how do I skip a month?
To avoid receiving that shipment set, just log into My Account or your online store between the first and fifth of the month. Tap “Account Info” after selecting the “Account” tab in the mobile app. To skip this month’s delivery, scroll below.

What if I didn’t tell JustFab I wanted to skip the month?
If you accidentally bump into the fifth of the month and your account is not scheduled to skip, we will automatically charge $39.95 for that cycle if it is not in a program. Your account will then reflect it as store credit.

On JustFab, how many months can you miss?
From the first until the fifth of every month, you can log onto your account to shop or “skip the month.” During this time, if you don’t visit the site, we’ll charge you $39.95 for a member credit on the sixth day, and then every day after that.

How can I rewind a JustFab UK month?
You won’t be charged for that month if you cancel by the fifth day of the month (or the day after you receive your new selection).