How to cancel my Deezer Premium Trial?

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A Deezer Premium trial cannot be canceled as of right now! This is so that if the service “shows up on your credit card bill,” you must automatically pay for it.


There are 2 (two) ways you can close your Deezer account: The “LOG IN” button can be found at, or you can use the log-in page to go directly to

A pop-up window will appear informing you that the cancellation of your account may take up to 72 hours if you are still inside the 14-day trial or plan term. Finally, click CONTINUE. This will direct you to a page that shows details about your account. On this page, click the CANCEL ACCOUNT option.

Select SEND. Your Deezer account should now be permanently terminated. Please be aware that the Deezer Customer Service Department may need up to 72 hours to process your application to cancel your account. After 72 hours, you can check your Deezer account to see if the subscription has been canceled. If not, try waiting a total of 96 hours (another 24 hours). Please submit a ticket if you still haven’t seen your account cancelled (instructions below). It’s a manual procedure.

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Deezer Assistance:

When finished, click SUBMIT after completing the form. 

Please wait at least 24 hours before submitting another ticket if you have not heard from their agents since it may take some time for them to respond to your inquiry or query. 

However, I strongly advise doing this because they typically answer quickly (this goes for canceling a premium account too). 

You can choose the sort of Deezer customer support ticket you need assistance with in PHOTO 4 before choosing the kind of query or issue you require assistance with.

If you want Deezer to be able to respond to your inquiry or query with a more thorough response, you must also enter your Deezer email address and password below. Additionally, in order for them to provide you with an acceptable response in the shortest amount of time, please make sure that your query or problem is clear, succinct, and relevant. I bring this up because I haven’t heard back from their agents yet (as of this writing) after submitting two tickets (more than 24 hours ago) about my account being canceled but not completely as of this writing, even though it should have been canceled already based on the information I provided in my first ticket.

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How to cancel my Deezer Premium subscription?

Go to and sign in with your account if you purchased the app through Google Play.
Click My Subscriptions on the left.
Find the subscription you wish to cancel by scrolling down (since subscriptions can be linked by family members)
“Manage” should be selected before “Cancel Subscription.”

How do I delete my free Deezer account?

Log in to via your web browser and take the following actions to remove your account:
In the top left corner of the screen, click the menu button. A list of options will appear, including “Account Settings” at the very bottom.
To “Delete my Account,” scroll down. You can confirm that you wish to permanently erase everything from your account, including any music that is saved there, by clicking that option, entering your password, and then clicking Delete My Account again.

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Why can’t I cancel my Deezer subscription?

If you’re already logged into Deezer Free, you might not be able to cancel a membership.

Can I get a refund from Deezer?

After having a talk with yourself, go to the “help tab” and click “submit a request.” Enter your email address in the text area when the window appears. You should indicate that you wish to submit a refund request in the topic field.

What happens to my music if I cancel Deezer?

Any music you’ve downloaded to your smartphone will stop operating if you terminate your membership. However, all of the playlists and songs that are kept in My Music are yours to keep. If you make any changes to your account (such as canceling or activating it), Deezer Free status will be restored.