How to cancel my Plex account?

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Your account profile’s Subscriptions button should be clicked. Go to the Subscriptions page by clicking on it. To deactivate Plex Pass, click cancel subscription. should get your email asking them to delete your account.

How to Delete year plex account

Have you given your Plex account any thought? If so, the instructions in this article will show you how to remove all of the data from the past year, including all of your files, playlists, server settings, and preferences. Please be aware that a paid Plex Pass membership enables partial account cancellation. For instance, only the connected content from the current month with a paid Plex Pass membership will be deleted. Please refer to the instructions for “Delete my Yearly (plex) Account” below to totally delete everything.

You may access Plex’s main dashboard by clicking the Account tab. To edit your account settings, click Your Account in the upper right-hand corner of your screen as shown below.

After choosing Your Account, you might be asked to log in once again. From the drop-down option, choose Your Personal Information.

You can delete your account by clicking the Delete Account option at the bottom of your screen once you’ve reached your personal information page (as shown above). You can cancel all invoiced subscriptions and erase all media files related to your Plex account by clicking this button. Please be aware that there is no “partial” deletion option available for plex accounts, which means that if you close your account, all of the data connected to it will be deleted.

NOTE: Please refer to our article on How to Cancel a Plex Subscription if you wish to maintain the data connected to your Plex account but simply cancel your account (and not destroy the connected data).

For individuals who want to totally delete all media and associated content from their plex accounts, refer to this tutorial. The following link may provide additional details regarding the distinctions between cancellation and recurring billing: What are the distinctions between canceling and repeating.

NOTE: If you choose to delete your account, a final screen will confirm that your decision cannot be reversed. Before continuing, kindly verify that you have backed up all relevant server data and media.

How to reset my Netflix profile easily?


How do I update my Plex account?

  • Open the hosted Plex Web App first.
  • Refresh any open browser tabs for the app in order to load the update.

How do I contact Plex?

Have you been attempting to contact someone at PLEX but are unable to determine who is in charge? Give us a call, and we’ll instruct you accordingly.

Is Plex illegal?

Downloading and using Plex are both entirely legal. But it may be abused, just like any other piece of software. Only stream media that you have the legal right to in order to constantly stay within the law.

Why is plex not working?

Plex Media Server should be active and listed on your Devices page, so make sure it is. To lessen online limitations, remove all proxies and VPNs.

Plex for Roku is it free?

Although the Plex program is free, purchasing a Plex Pass gives you access to extra features and additional apps from the firm. The standalone Roku app is available for a 30-day free trial before it must be bought outright for $4.99.

Is Plex better than Netflix?

Popular streaming service Plex ( competes with companies like YouTube TV, Hulu, and HBO Max. Netflix gets a score of 4.9 from 99 ratings, whereas Plex has an overall rating of 4.4 based on 71 ratings on Knoji.