How to change my mobile number on Amazon?

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Go to your account on the desktop version of the Amazon website.
Under your phone number, click Edit.
Click Continue after entering your new number.
Retype the verification code into the box provided on the screen, then click “Verify.”

This is another another typical question that our clients ask. It is crucial to keep your mobile number up to date with the company because Amazon needs your mobile phone for its services and transactions. You can accomplish it with the aid of this article.

You won’t need to enter the OTP again for a predetermined amount of time once you’ve confirmed by entering the OTP that was supplied to you. You can enter this code again to verify its accuracy, or you can just depend on what you entered in step 4 above.

You’ve successfully updated Amazon with your cellphone number. Yes, it is simple. However, if you run into any problems, feel free to write to us, and we’ll be happy to assist. Don’t hesitate to ask us; the Geniey staff is always willing to assist all of our clients with their Amazon-related questions!

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Step 1: Log in to the Amazon website or app: Log in with your account by opening the Amazon app or website.
Second step: Log in using your account. Once you’ve logged in, use the upper right corner of the screen to access your account page.
Step 3: Manage Accounts & Devices (On the Right Hand Side) on the Settings Tab: Under Settings, select Manage accounts and devices.
Step 4: Edit Details under the Mobile Number Tab: To change or add a new mobile number, click the edit info option.
After logging in, go to this page to add, update, or delete a user’s phone number.
Step 6: Save Changes Subsequently: After saving changes, they take effect across all of your devices.

How to change mobile number for existing order?

  • sign in to your account: Open the Amazon app or website and log in using the proper credentials. If your revised phone number is 9898989000 (New Number), for example, enter it as shown in the screenshot below.
  • From the top right corner of your account page, sign in. alter your mobile number As shown in the screenshot below, three options are available under Settings Tab > Manage Accounts & Devices > Mobile Number.
  • Change the mobile number and save the changes. Change or update the user’s mobile number under Option 1: To modify any or add new numbers, click “Change/Update.” Select the desired number, and then click the trash can symbol on the right side of the screen to delete.
  • Choose “Add New Number” under “New Phone Number Type.” If you want to add a new phone number, select “Add new” and follow the on-screen directions before saving changes. You can see your updated mobile number in this section after a successful addition.
  • Save Changes & Check Status After changes are saved, the order’s page will immediately update without requiring a second visit to the Amazon app or website. From here, you can also check the status of your order.

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How to notify mobile number change?

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Profile to determine whether your new SIM card has been validated. Look under Change my number to verify if your old and new numbers have appeared as validated; if they have, the process is complete. If everything is in order, input your old and new phone numbers under Menu > Settings > Change my number. The contacts on your phone can also be mass-notified if you prefer by choosing the ones that are set to inform you when your network or phone changes.

How to bypass Amazon OTP verification?

Download Textnow first, then use any area code from: 618, 816, 302, 202, or 310 to get a free US mobile number.
Visit right now, not the Indian version.
Create a new account with this US mobile number, and the Textnow app will immediately send you an OTP.

Can I have 2 Amazon accounts with same phone number?

Only one Amazon account per mobile number may be linked. To continue shopping on Amazon, sign in and reset your password if you already have another Amazon account linked to the mobile phone you gave.