How to change my Square Enix ID?

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Log out of the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System and sign in with a different email address that you possess if you want to alter your Square Enix ID.

IDs from Square Enix (The Ultimate Solution to Changing Your Square Enix ID)
This blog post will provide you with the most effective approach if you want to update your Square Enix ID. Square Enix IDs are a crucial component of our identification, thus we don’t want anyone changing them without our knowledge. In just a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to complete the task securely and safely.

  • Square Enix ID: Follow These Easy Steps to Change Your Square Enix ID and Keep It Forever
  • Our Square Enix IDs play a significant role in who we are. In order to maintain their Square Enix IDs forever, we want to make sure individuals know how to alter them in a secure manner.
  • Follow these four simple steps to change your Square Enix ID in a safe and secure manner without having to worry about losing your account or personal information.
  • First, enter your email address to access the Service Account page on SEUSA’s website. Step 2: Locate the location to which you want to associate this new account (such as “Kingdom Hearts III”). In the third step, select “Link Existing User.”


How can my Square Enix ID be reset?
Access the Square Enix Account Management System and click the Forgot Your ID or Password? link under the Log In button if you can’t remember your Square Enix ID or password. Your SQUARE ENIX ID and/or password can be recovered by following the on-screen instructions.

My Square Enix ID is what?

If you are unable to locate your SQUARE ENIX ID, it may be because you are logged in with your account’s email address rather than the SQUARE ENIX ID. Scroll down to see this information after logging in.

Who else has access to your Square Enix ID?

Do accounts get deleted by Square Enix?
Square Enix suspends accounts rather than deleting them. An account would only be deactivated or canceled if the account holder took the initiative to do so.