How To Create A Smoke Brush In Photoshop

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In this brief lesson for beginners, I’ll describe what a Photoshop brush is and how to make one by utilizing a picture of smoke. You’ll observe that everything, including images, vector shapes, other brushes, and so on, can be used to create brushes. To learn how to make a customized dotted brush using the built-in circular brush, see one of my earlier lessons.

I’ll demonstrate how to make your own custom brushes in Adobe Photoshop in this brand-new lesson for Photoshop novices. You are all aware that there are thousands of pre-made Photoshop brushes, both free and paid, but it’s always a good idea to learn how to make your own unique brushes. I’ll start by briefly explaining how the Photoshop brush functions.

What Is A Photoshop Brush?

A brush represents a colorful image in grayscale with transparency levels determined by the same image. As a general rule, black becomes opaque (opacity 100%) while white becomes transparent (opacity 0%). The range of opacity for each tone in between is 0% to 100%. A brush in Photoshop is a grayscale image with varying levels of opacity that may be applied by various tools. The Photoshop Brush Tool is the one most often associated with “brushes,” however once loaded, a brush can be found in the Brush Presets List of many other Photoshop tools, including the Eraser Tool, the Burn and Dodge Tool, the Clone Stamp Tool, and others.

In Photoshop, create, define, save, load new brushes

Every Photoshop version comes with a standard selection of brushes, but you also have the option to:

  • Add new brushes: In Photoshop, select Edit > Preset Manager > Load to add a new ABR file.
  • Create your own unique brushes by selecting Edit > Define Brush in Photoshop. Preset
  • Save brushes: Select Edit > Preset Manager > Save Set to save a set of brushes as an ABR file.

How To Make Make A Photoshop Smoke Brush

Photoshop offers the option of creating brushes from scratch or from pre-made images. In this lesson, I’ll utilize a picture to make a straightforward smoke brush. I’ll start by selecting a stock photo. The photographs with backgrounds that are either black, white, or simple to remove work best when you’re trying to create a brush out of them. I then opened the smoke stock photo I had discovered in Photoshop.

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  • Black has an opacity of 100%, while white has 0%. The brush will have a solid background and translucent smoke if I define it as it currently appears, which is definitely not what we want. We must, of course, invert the colors. Click Image, Adjustments, Invert, or just press CTRL+I to do that. On the white background, there aren’t many locations that stand out that aren’t covered in smoke. Therefore, we must make such spots white so that they are completely invisible in the brush (opacity 0%).
  • For perfect edges, always use a soft round brush. Always use the eraser tool with a white backdrop layer underneath. Use the Dodge Tool to attempt to make the spots white. Try to look as realistic as you can while maintaining the smoke’s shape in both situations. Go to Edit, Define Brush Preset when you are certain it is the correct image.
  • You can now paint, remove, and other things with the brush. Let’s make a layer with a white background. Select the hue #1a5cd6. Select the newly created brush from the list when using the Brush Tool. Our smoke brush looks like this.
  • Create a black background and use white for the smoke brush for a cooler appearance. Make a new layer and set the blending mode of that layer to color. Paint over the shape of the smoke with various hues. You’ll get a stunning outcome.
  • See how to utilize a fire brush in Photoshop from this little lesson. You can construct a fire brush in the same way.