How to deactivate my Adobe account?

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In the Privacy settings, scroll down to ‘Delete Account.’ Carefully read all text on that screen before clicking continue.

You can deactivate your Adobe ID whenever you want by going to the Adobe account page and selecting “Deactivate Account.” You can also follow the instructions provided in this link to delete your Adobe account step-by-step. You won’t be able to use that account to check in or access your online profiles or purchases after it has been destroyed. If you’ve already paid for any software, you’ll still be the owner and have access to it up until and unless all fees are fully repaid in accordance with that product’s refund policies. Note that your online profile information (such as contacts) is linked to your Adobe ID, so even after deactivation, other users who know your profile URL can still access it. Change your profile URL before deactivation if you wish to avoid this.

Deactivate Account – Delete your Adobe ID and all related data that Adobe has on file. Using this link will also enable you to permanently erase your account and all associated information. The account is permanently deleted if you do so! Please read the crucial information about what will happen to any products registered under that account below before proceeding, though.Note: Deleting an account is irreversible and permanent. If you decide after deletion that the content needs work, needs revision, needs to be recovered for other purposes, or if you just made a mistake, there are no steps available to recover access to content created or hosted within an account. Please use caution when deciding whether or not to proceed with the deletion of an account.

Any orders or subscriptions linked to a deleted account can likewise suffer as a result. Please contact us at if you are the owner of an order or subscription and desire to delete your account created using that same account. By doing so, we can ensure that your subscription is correctly canceled and no access to the relevant services is interrupted.

No further action is required on your behalf; the products that were still associated with your Adobe ID after deletion will automatically go inactive ( deleted account.


How do I cancel my Adobe account?

Choose the plan you want to cancel so you can see the details of that plan. Under Plan information, choose Cancel plan and follow the on-screen directions.

How do I remove Adobe license from my computer?

To suspend an app, launch it and log in if necessary. When prompted, select one of the following alternatives if you select Help > Deactivate: Deactivate or Suspend Activation: This temporarily suspends the app while keeping your computer’s license data.

Can you get a refund from Adobe?

To cancel a Transactional Licensing Program for Adobe products, you must contact the company within 14 days of the scheduled delivery. The whole order will be refunded at that time; partial refunds are unavailable.