How to deactivate TextNow permanently?

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Your phone number will no longer be able to receive calls or texts if you discontinue Ad-Free+ (including Data Ons).

YES. From a computer or mobile device, you can always deactivate your TextNow number. The steps are as follows: Please go HERE to deactivate your phone number.

Simply open a conversation window for a specific person and click the I icon next to the word “TEXT” in a blue bubble that has a red line through it. It is located underneath the first subject field on the top of the screen. Clicking it will take you to the TextConversations menu, where you can either tap Never Notify new messages to stop sending notifications while still receiving audio and media files for the selected contact OR turn off all chat notifications (mute) conversations for that contact. The contact won’t be aware that they have been muted, but this will also enable you to check back in on the conversation at any point if you switch them back on.

Please click HERE if you want to completely stop receiving text chat notifications without muting any individual contacts. The application as a whole cannot be muted; rather, individual discussions can be muted, not the full application. You must check out of the entire application and then delete any information related to your phone number under Privacy > Settings > Delete Profile Data in order to permanently disable it. Any saved media files will still display your account login if someone were to access them, allowing them to recognize you as the original owner of that particular file if it was reported or legally obtained.


Can TextNow be traced back to your phone?

TextNow withholds information on the owner of a TextNow number, making it impossible to determine who it belongs to.

What happens when you delete text now?

Using the TEXTNOW device removal tool makes canceling your TextNow membership simple.

How can I get my old TextNow number back?

Ten numbers in a specific area code may be assigned to your account using TextNow. Every fifteen days, you can reassign a number using the app.

How do you delete a text Me account?

Select the “Me” tab (bottom right corner)
Select “Delete Your Account” from the menu in the top right corner.

Why is my TextNow disabled?

If your high data usage is deemed abnormal, your TextNow account may be suspended. If this were to happen to you and a TextNow representative contacted you, take steps to prevent it.