How to delete a child profile on Amazon Fire?

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Open the QuickSettings panel, click Settings, then touch on your preferred email account. If you can’t find it in the Carousel selection, go to “My Accounts,” then pick Manage Email Account (should have a small check mark next to it)
The section labeled “Remove Account from Device” need to be below. To delete an account, click the device (this is what shows up under 4.8). Tap OK.

The parental controls function on the Amazon Fire enables you to block and keep an eye on the apps, websites, and content your child accesses. To completely remove an account from the device:

Click Settings, followed by Your Account, and then Add & Manage Profile on Device. In the box next to each profile you want to remove, click Delete Child Accounts. Click OK to confirm. In order to make room for new content to be downloaded to this device, the information associated with these accounts will be deleted temporarily from the Kindle’s Cloud Reader (deleting items from any list does not permanently delete them because they can always be re-downloaded at any time in the future if needed). Once every profile has been chosen (and verified), press OK once again to confirm deletion.


How do I delete a user on Fire tablet?

The My Account menu item in Settings offers details about the account that the device is linked to. Clicking the Deregister button will allow you to delete this account from your Kindle Fire.

How do I delete a child profile on Fire tablet?

You may control their app profiles and delete those that have already been created.

How do I delete my kids account on Amazon?

Go to your child’s settings and choose “Remove Content” to prevent access to Amazon Kids+ content. Search for the titles of the content you want to block from there.