How to delete a duplicate Facebook account?

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Visit the duplicate Facebook corporate page that you want to delete as an admin. Next, select the “Edit Page” button located next to the profile photo. then choose “Manage Permissions” from the list of options below this option.

Have you ever pondered the lack of a deletion option for identical Facebook pages on Facebook? Perhaps you unintentionally created a second account for your company, or perhaps someone else made an undesirable profile using your email address. Regardless of the cause, you may quickly get rid of that duplicate by following one of our detailed tips below!

Step 1 is to log into the fake account after leaving your current one.

Do not close your browser while logging out of your current account, which is the false one. Open a new tab and sign in to the genuine Facebook account that created the phony Facebook page (or another legitimate profile).

Go to your phony Facebook profile in step two.

Visit the phony page and take a quick look at it. Click the Favorites icon next to the Like button in the top right corner of your browser window, then close that tab if you like what you see (that is, whether the profile is exactly what you wanted, or if you’ve discovered there’s nothing nice about it). Instead, proceed to Step 3 below if this account appears suspicious (i.e., has unusual images or surprising information in its About section).

Step 3: Use the account removal form to confirm deletion.

Go directly to account.php in a new tab on your browser. Visit account.php if you’re using a mobile device. The following page will appear:

If everything appears to be correct up to this point, click CONTINUE once again, then enter your password in the pop-up box that follows to obtain one final verification code. When prompted, enter it and wait for Facebook to confirm your selection:

You just eliminated a duplicate Facebook account with success! If you have more than one Facebook account, you’ll need to create a new profile if the need arises because there is no way to add a deleted profile back in.

Step 4: Clear Your History in Your Browser

Since you’ve already manually erased a duplicate Facebook profile, you might as well also delete all traces of the phony Facebook page from your computer’s history. Click within the drop-down menu seen in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox’s upper right corner.


How can I get rid of a second Facebook account?
It is worth it to delete the extra profile even if you will need to rejoin with each one.
then select your account name (top right of screen). Click on close account under personal information in the right-hand column. Then choose your exit reason and press the next button.

How do I remove a Facebook additional page?
The first step in deleting a page is to access your profile’s Settings menu. Next, click “Edit” from the “Remove Pages” section. You will see a blank confirmation box with an option to permanently delete the page. Click it after hovering over it to make sure you’re using the right mouse button

Click “Permanently delete [Your Page Name]” after reviewing the consequences of your choice.

How do I take down a Facebook page that I didn’t make?

If you are not the page’s administrator: Navigate to the page that you want to delete.

How do I disconnect my two Facebook accounts?

Being an admin is one of the most frequent causes for a user being unable to delete a Page. It is possible that another administrator canceled the deletion before the 14-day period has ended if you are an admin and still cannot delete your own Page.

How can pages be deleted?
Press Ctrl+G while clicking or tapping anywhere on the page you wish to delete to delete it. Type “page” into the Enter page number box. On your keyboard, hit Enter, and then click Close. Make sure a page of content is selected before using the Delete key on the keyboard.