How to delete a Minecraft PE account?

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Click the “help” button on the account settings tab and type “delete my account” to delete an account. Once there, scroll down to discover any instructions on how to delete your Minecraft PE account and then follow them.

How To Delete Minecraft PE account

On your home screen, click the Minecraft PE icon. – Access Settings. – Go down the page and click Help & support. – then enter your Minecraft username and password after selecting Delete Account. If you already have a Minecraft account but don’t remember your username or password, you may also log in using Facebook or your email address. – Tap Delete Account after signing in to your Minecraft account, followed by Agree & Continue. You should now uninstall the Minecraft app from your smartphone along with any online information related to it, such as purchases or subscriptions. However, in the future, you’ll need a new Minecraft account in order to play the game (your old Minecraft ID is now destroyed).

Tap Minecraft PE on your home screen, then select Sign In at – Tap Log in after entering your Minecraft username and password. Create an account at > Create account if you don’t already have one.

For instance, follow these steps if you wish to delete your Minecraft Android account and/or DLC: Android’s Minecraft should be removed Remove your Android device’s Google Play Games account: Choose remove from the drop-down menu under Settings > Accounts > (Google) Play by tapping the icon next to your Google Account name. Keep in mind that only the device you are currently using gets rid of it. Create a new email address for your Google Account. Use a different Google account to log in to Minecraft for Android.

Remove your account from your Android device. After logging into, choose your username from the drop-down box, and then on the following screen, click Delete Account to totally delete your Minecraft account. A confirmation message and a last warning will appear.

Return to Minecraft for Android and sign in with your updated Google Play Games email address to access your new account. Just keep in mind that you now have a new Minecraft ID, so it will be like starting over from scratch: Download Minecraft for Android again, make worlds, and play as usual. Just be sure to avoid logging into any previously created worlds (new ones can still be created). Additionally, you might wish to hold off till the update that will enable automated updating of Minecraft.

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How can you remove Minecraft forever?

If you want to uninstall Minecraft, do these things:

Click “Control Panel” from the Start menu. … Choose “Programs and Features” or “Uninstall a software”. … Go to the list and pick Minecraft. … To thoroughly uninstall Minecraft, click Uninstall and then adhere to the instructions.

Are accounts on Minecraft that aren’t used deleted?

However, if it is cancelled, you might lose access to Mojang accounts or Minecraft.

What happens when you delete Minecraft PE?

You must first locate the folder on your computer where MinecraftPE is located if you wish to remove MCPE from your phone.

How to delete minecraft account

Can I uninstall and reinstall Minecraft?

You can redownload Minecraft from if you unintentionally removed it. Before downloading the installer file, you must log in using your Mojang account (which is why Step 1 says not to change anything during reinstallation). Await the installation of Minecraft.

Why did my minecraft account get deleted?

Mojang has always collaborated with payment providers to expeditiously reimburse fraudulent orders. We comply by requesting a refund shortly after the purchase is identified as suspicious, and after that, we flag the gaming profile for deletion.