How to delete a Nintendo account on a switch?

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Follow these instructions:

Select System Settings from the HOME Menu.
To access the profile settings, scroll down to highlight Users and then click on the relevant user account.
Select Delete User at the bottom of the settings page as you scroll down.
Click Next after selecting the box next to “Delete.”

How to delete a Nintendo account on Nintendo switch

If an account used to download games or DLCs is deleted, there will be no refund given because you won’t have access to those paid items with another user. You can continue to play free-to-play eShop games like Fortnite or Warframe even after logging out of your Nintendo Account because they aren’t connected to the actual account. Just keep in mind to reinstall them if you ever want them back.

Additionally, it is strongly advised that you backup any data that hasn’t been uploaded to the cloud or a portable hard drive.

Your account’s deletion won’t have any impact on the Nintendo Switch Online app for mobile devices because it isn’t connected to your Nintendo Account in any way. If someone else logged in on your console using their own user, you can still use the app after logging out of your Nintendo Account and use its features like voice chat between consoles, chat with other players in online lobbies, post screenshots and video clips for non-Switch games (in case you were recording), or see who’s playing what game from the visitors list. However, after you log out of your account, all messages—from conversations as well as the visitor list—will be deleted.

If you are a parent or legal guardian who owns the original Nintendo Account that was used to create the family group and all children have their own Nintendo Accounts, you may remove your Nintendo account. Children’s user accounts on the Switch console will be deleted, but they can still play games on another profile they created using their own Switch console(s), provided they remember not to connect any of their devices with Nintendo Network ID since it is directly linked to their account without the option of changing its username after it has been created.

When making a new account, an old kid user account must use his or her original name because it is also linked to his or her email address, which makes it impossible to play online via a parent’s device.


Can I unlink a Nintendo account from switch?

It is impossible to unlink a Nintendo Account from an account on a Nintendo system after it has been done. The Nintendo Account does not have to be disconnected before being reconnected to a different device. Any save information saved on the Nintendo Switch that is connected to a deleted account will also be removed.

What happens if you delete a user on switch?

The saves linked to your account will all be deleted if you remove it. You can’t play any stored games that you bought before deleting your user account unless you relink them to a new Nintendo Account.

How do I change the account linked to a switch?

How to link more Nintendo accounts to your Switch device
From the Home screen, select System Settings. … Select Users from the menu on the left by scrolling down. … From the options for choosing a profile, choose Link Nintendo Account.

How do I change the primary account on a switch?

Owners of Nintendo accounts may always tell which Switch console is their primary one by login into the Nintendo eShop on a different device, going to “account settings,” and selecting “deactivate.” The primary device for the main account holder will automatically switch to the following device that logs in.
Improvements: more precise wording that provides additional information about the changes or actions taken.

Does deleting a user on switch delete games?

Any user accounts connected to an initialized game or software program will be destroyed; this data cannot be recovered. Please pick the preferred save file while creating the account. If a certain account’s chosen file isn’t available,