How to delete a person from Hangouts?

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You’ll need the following in order to remove someone from your Hangouts contact list:

To locate the individual in your contact list
Select the three dots (on right side)
Select Delete

How To delete a person from Hangouts

It is possible to remove someone from a Hangout using Hangouts. However, if you select that option, Hangout does not totally remove the user. Even if the individual is no longer available on Hangout, his name still persists in the app and Hangouts is constantly attempting to get in touch with him.

I’m curious as to how I can actually remove someone from Hangouts. [RESPONSE] You cannot! Because Google Voice is integrated into Hangout, it is essentially impossible for anybody other than Google to permanently remove someone from the service. Hangouts was designed such that friends can never be removed or blocked (including their number). Additionally, there are other methods to use this option to get added back into other people’s Hangouts:

Because of the aforementioned reasons, you cannot blacklist or block Hangouts or Hangout users. Since they are kept on Google servers, photos and videos can still be shared, and Hangouts is a great tool for doing so. Therefore, Hangouts should only be used for casual chat. And what about that? Google developed it in this manner. No matter whether Hangouts has privacy options or not, the privacy options in Hangouts even violate the rights of users all around the world, especially in countries where there is government surveillance.

How to add credit to Google Hangouts?

Almost everything you do while logged into Hangouts on your computer or mobile device (via the Hangout API) is tracked by Google, including your location at all times if you use its services (for example, GPS on mobile devices), photos and videos taken on mobile devices, user names and passwords used to log into Google services, etc.

How can I entirely remove someone from Hangouts? [RESPONSE] Hangouters is a program that can be useful. However, depending on the nation they are in, Hangouters might not be able to get rid of other Hangout users. More information on this issue can be found here. Furthermore, users of Hangout have no control over their information because there are no terms of agreements or privacy policies. Therefore, download Hangouters (version 1.1) if you want to permanently erase someone from Hangouts:

Click here to download Hangouts. After you download Hangoufers, Hangout might not instantly display your Hangout contacts, but it eventually will. A straightforward program called Hangouters retrieves all of the data associated with Hangouts before erasing Hangout users from your computer and mobile device (at one go). There are three alternatives for Hangouts: “No,” “Yes,” and “Uninstall.” Use them appropriately:

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How can I remove a contact from Hangouts permanently?

Take Google Hangouts off your Android phone or tablet.
You can erase the contact record from your Google account if you need to completely get rid of it.
Delete any correspondence with the person on Gmail. Delete the person’s chat history in Hangouts.

What do people see when you block someone on Hangouts?

Once you’ve been blocked, the person won’t be able to see you or get in touch with you. Everything about your account and content will be invisible to them, even if they already have a Google account at the time it is blocked.

How to delete my hangout account permanently?

How do I delete frequent hangouts?

To display a hiding option for a contact on your phone, long press their name. Remove a person’s number from Hangouts if you don’t want them to appear in your frequent contacts list.

How can I unblock a number?

  • Disable number
  • Launch the iPhone apps.
  • Then tap “More” and “Settings.” Tap Blocked numbers at the bottom of your screen as you scroll there.
  • Tap Clear next to the number you want to unblock. Unblock

Will someone know if I block them?

You can stop receiving texts from blocked contacts. The contact’s text will simply sit there appearing as though it were sent and not yet delivered, but in reality it will be lost to the ether, and the person whose number you blocked won’t receive any indication that their message to you was failed.