How to delete a Pokemon account permanently?

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Log into your Pokemon Trainer Club account at and click Cancel My Account at the bottom of the Profile page screen to delete your Poké account.

We want to make sure that the settings on your Pokemon GO account are both familiar and secure for you. For this reason, if they so want, players have the ability to remove their accounts from within the game itself. As follows:

On your iOS or Android smartphone, open Settings and choose “Delete Account” from the profile screen’s bottom. When prompted, choose “Yes,” then enter a password to continue. Please be careful when entering information because you won’t be able to retrieve it later.

Doing so will delete your account from our database permanently. After completing this step, there are no reimbursements available, however all progress achieved so far should be preserved (such as gym battles and items).

Your account will be removed from our database as soon as you submit the request. Please take note that this process cannot be reversed at any time in the future. The reason being that before deleting an account, it’s crucial to carefully review all of your preferences. Save anything else you want to preserve for future reference!


How do you delete Pokemon?

Select Poké Ball from the menu.
By tapping the remove button and selecting “yes,” you can remove Pokémon.

What happens if you delete Pokemon home?

You won’t be able to use the game or any of its features if your home subscription expires. Any non-premium Pokémon on your account will no longer be in your care, but they won’t suffer any harm. Only one box with 30 users can be accessed at once by non-premium Pokémon Home subscribers.

Will Pokemon bank shut down?

To download 3DS games, Pokémon Home needs Pokémon Bank.