How to delete a primary account in Outlook?

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  • Shut off Outlook.
  • Mail can be found in the list of programs when you open Control Panel.
    deleting all other accounts and removing the main account from Account Settings.
  • Open the Data Files tab and remove the outdated data files as well.

Deleting the primary account in Outlook

To remove a primary account from the profile, delete your Outlook mailbox, but save all of its messages and folders.

In any of the following circumstances, email accounts can be deleted:

can momentarily remove an email account from Windows Live Mail, for example, if you want to use another mail provider (like Hotmail or Gmail). to terminate an existing email account indefinitely. If you take this action, the mailbox will be permanently removed from the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 server. This reduces storage space on your local device while also creating a new “deleted” or “disconnected” folder on the server where you can restore deleted things for 30 days after deletion (server time).

keep all of your messages and files while permanently removing your Exchange account from the profile.

Getting rid of an email account

  1. To begin, select Account Settings from the File menu.
  2. In the left pane, select E-mail, then select More Settings. 3. After choose which account to delete, click Delete.
  3. If a copy of that mailbox is open or Outlook is operating, you cannot delete an active account (for example, a draft message). Before attempting to delete this box, be sure there aren’t any Outlook windows using it.
  4. Choose this option if you no longer wish to use Microsoft’s servers. Instead of IMAP, this server will always use POP3 and SMTP. The Microsoft Exchange server will no longer be accessible via IMAP or SMTP, but you will still be able to access your messages using a POP3 client, such as Windows Live Mail or another email client, on your computer.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Click Yes when prompted, then wait for Outlook to finish the account deletion procedure. No messages in the account’s inbox are removed when the account is deleted (or other mail folders).

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How do I remove a primary account from Outlook regedit?

Please finish all Outlook tasks and shut the application before implementing the following procedure.

How do I delete an account using the Outlook mobile app?


  • Launch the finder, then select Settings.
  • Select Account Name.
  • Click “Remove Account” on the device and remote

Does removing an account from Outlook delete it?

An account will be permanently deleted from both Outlook and Windows Mail when it is deleted from one. You will also have to go through the procedure of deleting all previous data.

How can I disable Outlook without deleting it?

In the new window, select the send/receive group labeled “All Accounts,” and then click the “Edit” button. Clear the check box next to “Include the Selected Account in This Group” after choosing the account you want to disable. To save the modification, click “OK.”

How do I delete Microsoft account?

Open System Settings > Accounts > Email & accounts on your phone to delete an email, calendar, or contact account. Select the account you want to delete under Accounts used by email, calendar, and contacts. Choose Manage and Delete Account from this device after that. To finish the job, hit Delete to confirm deletion.