How to delete a PUBG mobile character?

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Locate “Delete Account” in the text to remove a PUBG mobile character. It lies below your screen, on either side of what appears to be a small advertisement.

How to change Character in PUBG mobile

In PUBGM, changing your character is easy! By touching on the white shopping cart symbol on the left side of the main lobby screen, players can access the character menu and change their current character for a different one. Once there, gamers can choose a character from their selection of PUBG mobile characters.

To delete a PUBG character, follow these instructions.

Step 1: Open My Account/Game Info on PUBG mobile (if you are using PUBG Mobile 0.9.1, refer this guide )

Step 2: Tap the “PUBG” name, then type your phone number.

In the event that you lose your PUBGM account password

Step 3: Enter your PUBG cellphone number and hit “OK” to continue; alternatively, if you wish to edit or create a new profile, enter a new PUBG username.

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Step 4: Next, select More by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen. and select your PUBG account.

Step 5: Select “Delete PUBG mobile account” while you’re in the PUBG profile.

Step 6: To continue, you must input your PUBG account password or phone number. You can delete your PUBG account by selecting the Delete PUBG Account option in the top-right corner of the screen after entering your PUBGM account password or number and clicking OK. For reference, see the screenshot from step 4.

We are done now! Your PUBGM account has now been erased for PUBG Mobile, and you can create a new PUBGM character by following the instructions above.

Check out our PUBG Mobile 0.9.1 Profile Problem Guide if you’re experiencing any PUBGM profile-related issues. There may not be a solution to your PUBGM profile issue here, but we have listed all of them for your convenience. There may be a solution for your specific problem and the PUBGM profile error (s). Don’t ever try to change your PUBG mobile username (also known as your PUBG name) if you want a simple PUBGM promo code. It will be instantly put to the Referral Program. Read this guide if PUBG Mobile asks you to upgrade PUBGM. Here you can find information on how to download PUBG Mobile 0.9.1 as well as reviews of the game and software versions 0.9.1 and 0.9.0.

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How Can I reset my PUBG account?

To find PUBG, navigate to SETTINGS > GENERAL > iPhone Storage and then scroll down. Select the RESET APP option by tapping on it. You will be given the option to continue playing this round only or remove all game data and log out of your account as a Guest with no progress recorded (the default selection is choose). Make a choice right away.

How can I unlink my Apple ID from PUBG?

By navigating to the app’s settings, scrolling down to find Game Center, and selecting it, characters for PUBG Mobile can be erased.

Can you unban yourself from PUBG?

However, if they’ve banned your account and you believe you’re “clean,” get in touch with the PUBG administration for assistance in getting it unbanned.

What happens if you delete your discord account?

How can permanently delete my PUBG account?

On your device, launch the PUBG Mobile app.
Register with your account.
Under the settings icon, type “settings” and hit enter.
Until you find “delete account,” scroll down through the various settings and select that link.
For seven days before to truly canceling an account, refrain from logging in to it to prevent more problems with logging back in afterwards.

How can I unlink a PUBG email?

1) Start the Google Play games app.
2) Select Pubg Mobile under the library tab.
3) Select settings by selecting the three dots in the option’s upper right corner.
4) Select “Report Incorrect Translation” from the options menu.