How to delete boomerang from Gmail and Google Chrome?

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If you are unable to get rid of the Boomerang desktop extension: Select “Extensions” under “More Tools,” where it can be found. To access Chrome’s settings menu, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the browser. Click “delete” after scrolling over.

How to remove Boomerang for Gmail?

Boomerang for Gmail makes it easier to manage and schedule your email. You can set up rules to schedule or automatically respond to emails after Boomerang for Gmail is installed.

Boomerang for Gmail can be removed from your PC by:

  1. In the toolbar of the Google Chrome browser, click the Boomerang symbol.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Select “Uninstall” from the menu at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will see a dialog box that will ask you if you want to: – Disable add-ons – Modify the settings for the current program Go to Google Chrome > More tools > Extensions to uninstall this add-on. There, you may look for and get rid of this add-on. Access Google Chrome by clicking on More tools > Extensions. Boomerang for Gmail installation requires that you remain logged into the same Google Account.

Boomerang is a premium add-on, and removing it will make it unavailable. Find out more about managing your apps in the Chrome Web Store. You may always re-install Boomerang for Gmail from the Chrome Web Store if you want to keep using it. You must be signed into the same Google Account that you used to download Boomerang for Gmail in order to access a list of extensions.

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Go to Google Chrome > More tools > Addons to manage your extensions. An advanced application programming interface (API) powers Boomerang for Gmail. Your machine can communicate with the Google Apps servers thanks to APIs. API calls are not recommended for usage in apps that send or receive content from users since they entail sending and receiving data over the Internet.

Boomerang for Gmail uses Google Apps Script ( ) for its advanced features . This is a development platform for building business applications and services hosted in the cloud. Because all data and code are stored on Google servers , Google Apps Scripts must adhere to the same privacy policies as other products provided by Google, Inc. Learn more about how to manage your apps from Chrome Web Store .

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How to cancel Boomerang for Gmail?

You can close your account on Boomerang if you’re an individual user by taking the following actions:

  • The Boomerang icon can be found in the top right corner of your Gmail window. Click it.
  • Go to Manage Scheduled Messages and click.
  • Select Billing Information under Your Account after navigating there.
  • Next, select the “Don’t Renew” link to revoke your Boomerang subscription.

What is boomerang on Gmail?

You can send messages later and monitor the reminder with Boomerang.

How do I get a refund from Boomerang?

We kindly request that you send an email to to inform us of your decision to terminate your paid Boomerang for Gmail subscription.

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Is Boomerang free with Amazon Prime?

Yes, Boomerang is available as a channel on Amazon Prime for $4.99! … A subscription to the Boomerang Channel through Prime video is the same as a monthly plan for the app. Only $4.99, which is an even better deal than what you’d find on their website.