How to delete boxbe from Outlook?

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The following regulation applies to the Boxbe waiting list:

If an email from that address is still present in your inbox after a week, delete it.

How to remove boxbe from your outlook account

To manage your boxbe account, we advise using boxbe on a computer or mobile device. The overview of all your boxbe folders, conversations, and contacts is much better and easier with this method. Boxbe can be downloaded via The steps listed below will assist you in manually removing boxbe from Outlook (PC, Mac) if you’d prefer not to use it:

  1. Click the “Tools” menu in Outlook and choose “Account Settings”
  2. Choose the boxbe-containing account (
  3. Select “More Settings.”
  4. Select “Manage” from the Account Settings page, then select “More Settings.”
  5. Click “Remove” after selecting boxbe. An alert message box will appear if boxbe is successfully uninstalled.

Repeat the following processes if boxbe cannot be eliminated altogether. Please be aware that boxbe cannot uninstall itself from Outlook, and neither customer service nor boxbe itself can help you uninstall boxbe from your account. Only enterprises and premium users ( accounts) are offered email solutions by boxbe. We advise you to manually add boxbe using the procedures above if it has been added to an or personal email address.

Repeating the aforementioned procedures will allow you to add boxbe back to your account whenever you need to. Thereafter, boxbe will automatically show up in the list of ‘Add an email address’ to your Outlook account, necessitating no further configuration.

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Please email our support at if, after performing the aforementioned procedures, boxbe is still visible in your Outlook settings.

If you’re using a Mac or an earlier version of Outlook, you can find boxbe under the ‘Help’ menu on your PC. You can access boxbe through or by searching for at


Why are emails from boxbe coming to me?

Unwanted emails are sent from an account when the Boxbe app is installed, activating the many social media sites linked to it.

What is the waiting list for Boxbe?

Emails from senders you haven’t approved are kept on the Boxbe Waiting List. These are visible in your folder list and are always available for viewing.

Is boxbe reputable and safe?

Despite the fact that Boxbe sends spam, their efforts have been ineffective. Numerous anti-spam activists are attempting to convince Boxbe and company to stop, but they persist with their unwise behavior.

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How do I remove my name from the Boxbe waiting list?

People who have requested a Boxbe account are on a waiting list, but no one is removing them from the list. This guide will show you how to remove that waiting list so that it doesn’t obstruct your other mail.

How do I get boxbe?

Find a program called Boxbe Waiting List.

  • Click on your profile icon in and choose View account.
    After that, select Privacy by clicking here:…
    To find Boxbe in the list, select Edit then Clear Apps and Services Activity.