How to delete Dota 2 easily permanently?

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  • Dota 2 may be found in the D-letter games section of Steam.
  • Right-click the game.
  • Click Local files, then Properties, and then click Delete local game material. Only this file is deleted; nothing else that you downloaded from Steam is removed!!!
  • Now, if you wish to play later, make sure to sign up for the “cloud sync” service through a cloud storage provider (a significant difference). Dropbox is a fantastic one!!!!!!!! They provide 2GB of free storage

How to delete Dota 2 permanently

Dota 2 cannot be immediately deleted, however the files can be completely removed. To erase any of the following files: Battle Passes, Inventory, Keys, Match History, Pictures, Saved Items, and Settings, just utilize a file manager (PC users) or app (iOS/Android users). All in-game functions that depend on data storage will be turned off if you remove them. Follow these simple instructions from Steam Support to remove and reinstall your game client: article.php?ref=5377-QGWW-8652&l=english

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Please send a ticket to the support page if you are experiencing a problem with Dota 2 and provide as much detail as you can. Include information like the operating system used by your computer, the hardware components’ specifications, screenshots, error messages, and instructions for carrying out any encountered errors. This will make it easier for our support team to locate and fix the problem. You can also get in touch through one of these methods:

In order for us to more accurately identify and look into the issue you are experiencing, please remember to include your Dota 2 client logs in the request as well! You can access these logs by going to your Dota 2 folder, putting them in or.rar file, and then sending the file to a support ticket.

How to remove Dota 2 from Steam library?


How can I get Dota 2 off of Steam?

access the games library.
Dota 2 Test by right-clicking.
Choose Set Categories…
Tick/Check My library is hidden from this game. OK

How do I turn off DOTA?

Is there a way to stop it somewhere? Go to Dota Plus and click Manage Subscriptions in the top right corner. From this page, you can either renew or cancel your Dota Plus membership.

Can I delete Dota 2 test?

Use the Windows Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs option to remove Dota 2 Test from your computer. To get rid of Dota 2 Test, find it and click on it.

Can your Dota 2 account be reset?

The previous night, Valve released a Dota Plus update featuring benefits for subscribers-level users, but there are also significant changes to ranked matches.
That has contributed to some of our hesitation to keep resetting every six months, according to Valve. …