How to delete Flipboard account easily?

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Visit the website and open a window by clicking “Settings” in the top right corner to delete your account. To delete your account, click. Specify your login information.

How to Uninstall Flipboard

Go to Account Settings to remove your Flipboard account. Choose the “Account” tab from the Settings page, and then click “Delete account.” We will promptly deactivate your account after you indicate that you want to delete it. At this moment, canceling your Flipboard account does not remove any of your content from our servers; nonetheless, doing so deletes all of the personal data associated with your profile. Please be informed that depending on what other devices are connected to our service (“Other Devices”), if you log in after deleting your account, a new Flipboard account may be established for you or an existing one may be automatically retrieved.

Other Devices can be kept, but you can stop them from connecting to a Flipboard Account that has been deleted by simply unlinking them. You won’t be able to reactivate or establish a new account with the same email address or phone number after having your account deleted. If you logged in with your Facebook account, that link is also removed when you delete your Flipboard account.

Before canceling your Flipboard account, if you linked any of your accounts (like Google), please be aware that those links will still be active.

Please see for more details on our privacy practices for our Other Devices service. This article describes our general policy for handling data obtained via Other Devices. Please click on the links below for details on the specific privacy policies of various Other Devices.

Please send an email to if you need further help or if you have questions about deactivating your Flipboard account. Please be aware that if you ever utilized Facebook Login to connect your Flipboard account to your Facebook account (see #1 above), you cannot remove your Flipboard account by doing so. Please see our Help Center article on removing social login information from your computer if you want to delete your Facebook login information from our servers.


How can I uninstall Flipboard from my Galaxy s7?
On your home screen, navigate to the chosen article, then hold down for a little moment.

Can my account be deleted?
On your mobile phone, you can remove your online dating profile with the utmost simplicity. To delete an account, log in and then scroll down until you see it. Once you confirm that it has been deleted from the website, all of the data associated with your account will be erased.

On my phone, what does Flipboard do?
Flipboard is a mobile news aggregation app that gathers content from several websites and presents it to you in a stylish, customisable Smart Magazine.

Exactly how did Flipboard end up on my phone?
The Flipboard Briefing app might be pre-installed on your phone or be accessible as a SMARTS app.

How do I deactivate my account for good?
then select “help.” Click “manage your account” in the support center. “Delete your account” is another option that appears beneath the second.

How can I get rid of an email that I sent?
Navigate to Mail>Sent Items to retrieve a message. Replace the existing email with a new one by opening it. Click Other Actions, followed by Recall This Message, under Actions on the Message tab. Choose between deleting unread copies and substituting a new message or deleting unread copies and substituting a new message.

Can a Gmail account be deleted?
Delete your account in Step 3
Click here: Click Data and personalization on the left. To download, delete, or make a plan for your data, scroll to that section. Delete a service or your account by clicking.