How to delete Kik messages on both sides?

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You can remove specific messages or whole chats on Kik. Personal messages: To erase a message, tap and hold on it before selecting Delete. Since all messages are stored locally on each device, deleting a message does not remove it from your friend’s conversation.

On the Kik app, you can delete your messages. It is advised to ban that user from contacting you again if you are receiving unsolicited messages by clicking on their profile and selecting “Block User.” If you want to block someone who has given you many messages, be careful to click the message they sent you initially so that all of their following messages will be erased at once.

Conversations won’t appear as unread on either side if someone blocks or deletes you prior to sending any messages. This applies to a variety of situations, such as being prohibited from viewing something, having your chat history with them deleted, changing your username without sending a new contact request, or having your account expire due to non-payment or inactivity.

If someone blocks you in the future and you unblock them, their contact information will automatically be placed back to your contact list as if they had never been removed. Therefore, if you had any saved discussions with them before blocking them, those talks would continue to be viewable in both of your chats for a short while before finally deleting.

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How do I get rid of messages on both sides?

Tap the message and hold it. Tap Remove when requested. then asked for whom to delete the message. When asked if you’re certain after confirmation, affirm once more.

Does Kik tell you if you screenshot?

No, is the response. Kik doesn’t have a notification feature that would alert you when screenshots are taken. Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and any other service that permits this form of screenshotting don’t either.

Does Kik automatically delete pictures?

Only when you: Recently logged out of your Kik account will your Kik photographs be erased. or used a different device to get into your Kik account

Can Kik be traced to your phone?

Users can send secure messages over the internet using Whatsapp and other messaging apps like Kik. The text of users’ messages or phone numbers are not monitored by Kik.