How to delete Meetup account permanently?

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  • Go to the Settings page by navigating.
  • Deactivate your Meetup account by selecting it as you go down.
  • If you are an organizer and have open groups, follow the guidelines to close your groups or resign as the organizer.
  • To confirm, enter your password and click “Submit.”

Members of Meetup have the ability to terminate their accounts at any time. Your personal Meetups page or your Meetup dashboard, which is accessible under Organization Settings > Privacy & Security, both allow you to delete meetups. Go into that specific Meetup’s settings and uncheck Closed as soon as you can next to Status: Open if you wish to close a Meetup but keep it open for any future RSVPs and comments.


What happens when you delete your Meetup account?

When your account is canceled, you won’t get any more emails or notifications from Meetup.
Before your account can be deactivated, you must generate a new password if you created it on Google or Facebook.

Does Meetup cost money?

No fee is required for users to register for the website, and all users are entitled to free usage of the service. In order to host groups, Meetup community organizers often pay a monthly fee.

Why can’t I delete my Meetup account?

Click the Deactivate your Meetup account option under Settings to delete your Meetup account and stop receiving emails from them.

Can you delete Meetup messages?

Note: At this time, messages cannot be deleted. As you use Meetup more frequently, you’ll get more messages. You may keep your inbox organized by archiving old or completed communications.

Is the Meetup App Safe?

It is most secure to meet people through Meetup when you are in charge of your own security. To keep the website secure for everyone and make sure that nobody is ever in danger, you can report any abusive or harmful activity.