How to delete messages on Meetup?

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  • At this time, messages cannot be deleted.
  • A clean inbox contributes to a well-organized Meetup experience.
  • the more engaged you become on the platform.
  • You’ll start getting additional messages, so archive old or completed ones to keep your inbox organized.

I recently went to a Meetup in San Francisco where 20 folks who organized the “Brewer’s Brunch” series were present.

It was a really enjoyable event where you could chat with other home brewers and get opinions on your beer. They would throw a brunch at a restaurant close to Union Square once a month for anyone who wanted to come. When it was held at Aziza, a Moroccan restaurant in North Beach, San Francisco, I had first attended in February 2016.

We would then stroll over to the nearby Mollusk Brewing Company to try some craft brews while talking about various aspects of beer brewing, including yeast propagation or how much malt was used.

So, if you enjoy IPAs as much as I do, I highly suggest checking out the upcoming “Brewer’s Brunch” by signing up for their Meetup group. Afterward, at Mollusk Brewing Company, a variety of fascinating interests and pastimes are explored, including making beer at home or learning how to produce your own barley or hops from seed to harvest.

Although I haven’t checked in with these people in a while, I last traveled with them in January 2017. As a result, when I saw this post on Facebook about someone posting something that made no sense at all, I had to take a second look:

It appears that this Meetup user got married, unblocked the other Facebook user, then removed them both. It’s strange since one of the texts she was responding to was one that I had actually sent.

I suspect she made the joke about how they don’t have bacon on their pancakes with sausage because she took a picture of the food at the brunch event. As far as I can remember, neither bacon nor any other kind of meat were really discussed. What specifically did they discuss, or was it just so awkward that neither party wanted to remember it at all? Perhaps a few weren’t.

Recently, I’ve been developing the Missing Message app for iOS and Android. It’s a new messaging service that syncs messages across all of your devices so that you can access them from any phone or computer. I made it because I detest the way Meetup messages people through Facebook and, by default, requires users to keep these messages forever! The following is what I’m doing about it.

A single button push on the brand-new mobile texting app The Missing Message allows you to delete any individual message or all of your previous messages. No more scrambling through menus to discover the option buried beneath layers of other options, no more secret garbage cans.

You only need to press on a message to reveal the erase button. There will already be one message in your inbox if this is your first time using the Missing Message app; I made care to include a test message there so you may try removing it! Three buttons are also visible: “Delete,” “Edit,” and “Mark As Spam.” If someone sends you an email that is deemed spam, you can utilize the mark as spam button to delete it. Their emails go directly to the trash when you click the “mark as spam” button next to their name or email address (and they get marked as spammers). This makes it more difficult for them to continue sending unwanted mail to all of your Meetup friends.


How are old communications removed?
Press and hold the chat screen to remove an archived chat. When you see “Delete” appear, click it.

How do I get rid of this message?
Touch and hold a message to erase it. Touch and hold the first message while tapping the others to remove numerous messages at once. To delete, tap the button.

How can I remove the history of my Microsoft Team Chat?
You can erase the history of a communication you had with another user. Select Clear history by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of your communication.