How to delete minecraft account

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Go to and sign in before deleting your Mojang account. Then, under the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, select “View Account Settings.” Find “Learn how” and click it on this page, then click “Delete Account” underneath it, as seen in the photos below:

Note: The detailed instructions below will help you if you are having problems finding “View Account Settings” or “Request Account Deletion.”

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Scroll down after selecting View Accounts Settings in the search bar of your browser.

How to Delete a Minecraft Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

This post is for you if you’ve been playing Minecraft for a time and are looking to remove your account. Continue reading if you don’t know how to remove your Minecraft account because we’ll walk you through the process. Additionally, we’ll discuss some of the causes people choose to remove their Minecraft accounts as well as what occurs when the deletion procedure is finished!

Log in to using your account and password to get started. On the account menu bar at the top of the website, you should then click the “Delete Account” button. Next, explain a reason for canceling the Minecraft account. This step is optional, but it is strongly advised because it might help bring closure or inspire someone else to start playing the game. A backup of all your Minecraft data is a must before clicking the last button, “Delete my Minecraft account”!

Please get in touch with us at email protected or [email protected] if you need someone to talk to discuss your decision to deactivate a Minecraft account.

How To Delete Microsoft Account On Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)

To delete a Minecraft account or another account, navigate to Settings > Accounts on an Android device. Choose a different login option or Google ID.

The user is then prompted to decide whether they want to permanently delete their Minecraft account or only delete it from this device. A notification stating that all of their data has been erased and cannot be restored will appear after clicking “Permanently.”

For permanent deletion, select “OK,” or for removal from this device only, tap “Remove Account.” Click the “Delete Account On This Device Only” button to remove the Minecraft software from the phone while keeping it active on another platform.


What happens when you delete your Minecraft account?

The username cannot be used on another account after you deactivate your account. Your old Minecraft accounts cannot be deactivated, but you can move them into a new Mojang account.

How do I remove my Microsoft account from Minecraft?

Click on Service under Apps by scrolling down. You may find a list of the apps that are linked to your Microsoft account near the top of the window. You may then eliminate any services that are no longer required or desired by choosing Edit > Remove Services.

Can mojang delete your Minecraft account?

No, Mojang does not delete your Minecraft Account

Why was my minecraft account deleted?

In order to prevent fraudulent purchases, Mojang collaborates with our payment partners to designate a Minecraft game as removed. This occurs shortly after a player reports someone for trying to buy a copy of the game; we grant their request for a refund, which marks the account as cancelled.