How to delete my activity log on Facebook?

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Click More after opening your activity log, then choose Search from the left column.
Click Delete next to the search result you want to delete.

I’m trying to find out how to delete old Facebook status updates from my timeline and wherever else they might be available so I can delete them and get rid of any evidence that I’ve ever mentioned anything. Because people frequently search for my name, there are items in those statuses that I no longer want them to be able to see for security reasons. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know here. Thanks!

How to delete the list of people who like me on Facebook?

It’s creepy that I have a list of people that like me. Given everything, it makes natural that there would be a setting to prevent you from seeing how many people like you. Accomplish you know how to do this on Facebook, or where you may get written instructions on how to create or modify some privacy settings on your Facebook profile? In your remark box, I’m looking for something that is essentially the same as a previous post. Thanks!

I was utilizing chat heads with my friend Stav more than 30 days ago when we got into a heated fight on Facebook and he removed me from his list of friends. The only thing that remains of our chat heads from when he was using chat heads with me and after that, it seems as though he has vanished entirely. I’ve been trying to get him back but I can’t find him anywhere on Facebook. Please assist me in finding him again! We truly miss one another.

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I was utilizing chat heads with my friend Stav more than 30 days ago when we got into a heated fight on Facebook and he removed me from his list of friends. I’ve tried looking for him on Facebook, but I can’t seem to find him.

How to Manually Delete Your Activity Log

If you haven’t recently downloaded any mobile apps, you can still manually delete your Facebook activity history by following the instructions below. However, if you have Facebook apps installed on your phone, don’t panic; uninstalling them is really easy and won’t take more than a few minutes, as we will explain below.

  1. Go to on your mobile browser to manually delete your Facebook activity log.
  2. Next, click the “Manage Activity” link located in the bottom-right corner of the page depicted in the image above. This will direct you to a new page that has a history of all activity, as seen in the image below:
  3. From this page, you can select the information you want to remove, such as web activity, location history, recent searches, etc., so that Facebook will never be able to track you again for any reason. However, keep in mind that if you have downloaded a Facebook app to your mobile device, you must delete it first before removing the activity record. This is due to the fact that Facebook apps continue to track your browsing history even after uninstalling, which could be problematic for you in the event that someone steals your phone or gets hold of it and has nefarious intentions.
  1. So, if you recently installed a Facebook app on your phone, uninstall it first. Once it has been successfully uninstalled, only manually delete your Facebook activity record using the instructions above.
  2. On your phone, choose “Settings” and then “Apps” to remove the most recent Facebook app from your device. Afterward, use its name to search for the Facebook app, and when you find it, touch on it to see its details page as displayed below.
  3. To uninstall it from your device, simply select the “Uninstall” button that is located at the top of its information page, as seen in the image above. After it has been properly deleted, you can delete your Facebook activity record manually as previously described.
  4. Just keep in mind that if you manually delete a particular section or aspect of your activity log using the methods described above, Facebook may keep track of it. As a result, there’s a good chance that in the future, if someone steals your phone with malice inclination, they’ll have access to these deleted logs and will be able to learn all about your browsing history for a very long time.

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How to my Facebook activity?

Log into Facebook in order to remove all evidence of your activity. To choose what you wish to include in the deletion process (text, photographs, videos, and weblinks), go to “Settings & Privacy” > “Settings.” It won’t be deleted if you’ve shared anything with someone else or if they’ve preserved any stuff you’ve shared with them (such as photo albums).

Why am I unable to delete my Facebook activity log?

By clearing your Facebook Activity Log, you can delete every single activity record that has been saved on the website. Your Facebook Activity Log keeps track of everything that occurs on the social networking platform, including Likes, Comments, and the addition of new Friends.

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How do I make my activity log private on Facebook?

Tap “Your activities” to see your account’s privacy options. Change your selection to “Only me” under the dropdown menu that appears to make it private.

How do I delete my activity log on Facebook 2021?

Open the menu on the Facebook app. Next, select Settings & Privacy and then Activity log. From there, you may undo any post you want to prevent from going live and filter results by date or content.