How to delete my care account on the app?

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  • On your phone’s app homepage, select “Account and Settings.”
  • To close an account, scroll to “Membership Information” and click it.
  • When prompted to confirm your decision to cancel your account, simply click the No thanks, cancel my membership option and then choose the reason why you’re doing so.

Your care profile and your care account profile are just linked by the care account on the app; it is not a care account in the conventional sense. You don’t need a care account to do anything; one is only necessary if you want more options (for instance, if you have more than 10 carers or if you’re looking for carers), or if someone else has logged on using your care account and made default selections for things like meal options (though as long as that person hasn’t signed out, those defaults will remain).

The care account will be mentioned in the caregivers search, which is a little confusing, but caregivers can select this over caregiver profiles.

If you’d prefer not to be found via the care accounts link, you are more than welcome to remove your care account after turning it off. However, all functionality and features are still available if you leave care account turned on for account users (it’s essentially just a profile switcher). Visit to learn more about care accounts.

Log in, select Settings, Profiles, and then select Edit next to your name. To turn off care account, scroll down until you see the drop-down list (by clicking it). If a care account has been set up, click on “additional information” at the bottom of the page to be sent to the care accounts page, where you can also delete the care account (care accounts may still be visible in search etc even though they are switched off) To ensure that no one who had accessed our care account can potentially access our care email or other accounts after you have destroyed your care accounts, make sure the email addresses associated to them are likewise removed via settings- emails etc.


How do I remove my caregiver account?

  • Access your account on
  • Visit your Account & Settings page, which may be accessed from the homepage’s left side.
  • Choose to close “Membership Information” by clicking on it.

How can I get rid of my account for free?

Click the “Account and Settings” option on the website to cancel your account. Make your selection under “Membership Information” to “Close Account.” Pick a justification for why. Click Finish to complete. How secure is it?

Additional background check tools are available on, so you can be certain that your loved ones will be cared for properly while you’re away.

How can give me a refund?

You can cancel your subscription before the start of the subsequent paying period even though does not offer refunds. Go to ‘Account & Settings’ and choose to terminate your membership to unsubscribe from the service.