How to delete my clash Royale account?

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Navigate to the game’s settings to delete your account. After selecting help & support, get in touch with us.

How to Delete Clash Royale

It’s difficult to picture a game like Clash Royale having a separate account. However, it is possible to delete your Clash Royale account if you so choose.

Unfortunately, the procedure is more complicated than simply cancelling a Facebook or email account. Before you can permanently remove your Clash Royale account, there are few actions that must be followed.

To help you understand exactly what needs to happen when you decide it’s time for a new beginning with another game of Clash Royale—or two—we’ve broken out the steps and what they include in this blog article.

  1. Delete the game from your device

To erase your Clash Royale account, you must first remove it from each device on which you installed the game. This entails accessing your iTunes, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore and totally deleting the game. By using these steps, you can delete it from any other devices as well.

2. Remove your Data Game

Removing any further data that might be connected to your Clash Royale game account is the next step in the deletion process. This also entails deleting anything locally saved on your phone or tablet. By following these procedures, you can also delete any further information connected to your account that could be kept in the cloud:

3. Clear Your Browser Cache/History

A lot of Clash Royale-specific data will be stored in your browser’s cache. Therefore, the following step in canceling your Clash Royale account is clearing up any data left behind by doing the following:

4. Remove Your Game From Google Play Store

The process is complete when you take your game out of the store where you installed it. To do this, sign in to Facebook using a desktop browser and select “delete” from the menu in the top-right corner.


Clash Royale deletion instructions?

You cannot remove your account, according to Supercell’s support page. Sensitive information will never be held by Supercell because no player information is kept on file, and the game servers don’t have access to any private or personal information.

How do I delete clash Royale from my Iphone?

Before deleting your Clash Royale account, please log out of any games on Google Play or Supercell. You must then select “clear data” from the settings menu in the app. Your account will then restart at training camp if you restart the game.

How do I remove my supercell ID from Clash Royale?

Go to Settings -> Help and Support to unlink your Supercell ID from your account. Then click the Lost Account option before getting in touch with us. Send Supercell a message to unlink account information. Your account will lock 24 hours after you send your message.

How do you stay at Level 1 in clash Royale?

As long as the total experience you have accrued for your king tower is less than 20, you can upgrade cards to the next level. They acquired enough trophies to access the arenas where these cards may be obtained from chests or the shop.

How do I start a new account on clash Royale iOS?

  1. Sign out of the current account by navigating to Settings > Game Center before deleting your Clash Royale account. Find Your Account and sign out after arriving there.
  2. Launch a new game using a separate Apple ID or Game Center login. The owner of the previous Clash Royale account may delete the new one.

What are the star levels in Clash Royale?

Cards at level 13 can be upgraded and given Star Levels using Star Points. In battle, cards with Star Levels have additional golden attire, armor, weapons, or other components added to their sprites as well as golden particle effects. They deploy with a gold glow as well.