How to delete my EA account on FIFA?

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You must visit the ‘Account Management’ page if you want to delete your account. Click “Conversation Now” and enter “cancel my account” in the chat box.

You should click the “Delete EA Account” button on the screen that appears. You will then be sent to a new page with the choices Delete EA Account or Cancel. Click OK after selecting Delete EA Account. Returning to the main menu, select Settings or Help & Support. Select Settings, then scroll down until you find the “Account Information” option. Select that option, then scroll down until you see the “EA Account deletion” button, which will ask, “Are you sure? ’. Click Yes if you want to move forward. The phrase “EA Account deleted” appears after that. To manually delete your EA user from the Nintendo Switch Online app, go to Menu > Options.

To find the FIFA Ultimate Team account management for your region, click this link and scroll down. The FAQ section contains answers to the majority of frequently asked questions about managing accounts. How do I, for instance, terminate my EA account on FIFA? alternatively what is the login URL for the EA portal? Very detailed information can be found here for AUS, USA, UK and you can see EA Help contact information. If EA mistakenly erased your account, it should be simple to find what you need because FAQs are arranged rationally.

How to delete an EA account from Switch/fifa account

The email address used to create your EA account must be close at hand in order to delete it. The fact that EA deletes accounts across all platforms via a single process should make it irrelevant whatever gaming platform you use (PC, PlayStation, or Xbox). Of course, Nintendo Switch is also supported, but oddly, EA has not yet released this platform’s contact information (see above).

If you use more than one device, make sure that no one else has access to your device’s EA account information. If you are a parent who lets your children play, they can access their EA account through their EA ID, which means there is a good chance that EA terminated your child’s account on FIFA.

Before registering with EA, customers should be aware that EA deletes its own accounts since it offers no support or help to users who want to delete their accounts. Since this data is held server-side and is inaccessible to EA itself, if EA mistakenly deleted someone else’s account, they would always return the stuff bought in-game. The crucial point is that only purchases made with actual money can be returned, and gold packs can only be returned if EA account maintenance is carried out through the EA website (for example: USA).


How do I permanently delete my EA account?

You must speak with one of our experts in order to deactivate or cancel your EA account because you cannot do it on your own.

On the PS4, how do I delete my EA account?

Go to the Connections area on one of your accounts, then select the Link Account button if you have two EA accounts and want to link them.
Read our Disclaimer first if you’re not sure if you want a connected account. If your accounts are linked, you will lose the ability to share games with others, so before unlinking, make sure you actually appreciate that feature.

How do I change my EA account on FIFA?

You can modify your basic information in your EA Account, including your account ID, display name, real name, and birthdate.
To change those data and verify your identity credentials, enter the code we gave you!

Can you merge EA accounts?

You are unable to independently transfer your games or identities to another account. If you determine that merging accounts would be preferable for you, get in touch with us by clicking “Contact Support” from within the game.

How do I contact EA to delete my account?

Follow the instructions below to disconnect your EA account.