How to delete my eHarmony profile?

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Visit, log in, and select Settings from the top menu if you want to delete your eHarmony account. Select Account Settings next, then Billing. When you reach “Close my account,” which is listed under “Billing > My Options > Close Account,” scroll down until you see it. At the bottom of this window, click Yes. After doing so, click Yes once more on the confirmation box that appears to confirm your decision to close the account.

The “delete profile” button is not there on the eHarmony login page. You must first get in touch with eHarmony customer care and provide the following details in order to remove your account:

  • Your username on eHarmony
  • The email address linked to your eHarmony account.
  • The justification behind removing your eHarmony profile (and any other comments about why you want to leave)

Then, eHarmony will provide you advice on how to cancel your subscription and completely remove all of your personal data from their servers.


How do I permanently delete my eHarmony account?

Send an email to with the subject “Delete My Account Information” if you want to permanently stop using your eHarmony account, and they will delete all of your information from their system in around 10 business days.

What does Profile deleted mean on eHarmony?

Simply remove your Match from your account to permanently delete them. We are unable to retrieve their profile for you after it has been deleted.