How to delete my IMVU account on my phone?

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  • Visit IMVU’s account closure page. If you aren’t logged in, you must do so.
  • After providing the password, click Continue. The procedure to delete your IMVU account is now finished. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your account is closed.

How to delete your account on IMVU

Please follow the instructions below to totally remove your IMVU account from your IMVU mobile app.

Preparation: You will need to know your IMVU username to proceed with the following steps. To find out what it is, go on IMVU and sign in using that username, then go to “Settings” once you’re logged into IMVU (click the gear icon at the bottom of IMVU’s main screen). From there, scroll all the way down until you see Account Information. Your IMVU username should be listed under Username at this point.

Step 1: Verify that you have exited the IMVU app on your mobile device by selecting “Log Out” from the app’s menu. If the “Sign In” button for IMVU on your device is still visible, choose “Log Out” from the login screen.

Step 2: When you click “Settings” on IMVU, you will see a Delete option next to your IMVU account. All of your possessions won’t be saved if you delete this account, IMVU cautions. Therefore, before deleting anything, make sure you have a backup of any content you want to keep in IMVU or elsewhere.

Step 3: After completing the aforementioned preliminary procedures and gathering/backing up any required data (if applicable), hover over your IMVU username and click on the gray arrow to the far right of the “Delete” button.

Step 4: IMVU will inquire as to your level of certainty on the deletion of this account. Click “OK” to confirm. IMVU reminds you that once this procedure is complete, your account and its contents will be permanently destroyed.

Step 5: After you successfully delete it from IMVU on your mobile device, IMVU will instruct you to email with your IMVU username (in case you have second thoughts about deletion). To continue with deletion, click the gray “Confirm Deletion” button in the bottom right corner. When all the procedures are finished, a notice indicating that your account was deleted should appear on the IMVU website.

Step 6: Following a successful deletion of the IMVU account from your mobile device, IMVU will instruct you to email with your IMVU login (in case you change your mind about deletion). To continue with deletion, click the gray “Confirm Deletion” button in the bottom right corner. IMVu’s website should display a notification indicating that your account was deleted once all the processes have been carried out.


How can I remove my IMVU profile?
By logging in via the website, an IMVU account can be deleted. Visit delete account.php to access the deletion page for this specific account, where you must enter your password and confirm that you want to permanently delete it.

IMVU accounts can they be deleted?
All users whose accounts have been inactive for years will have their profiles removed from all IMVU servers along with their accounts.

IMVU: Is it dangerous?
Without adult supervision, it is not safe for students to utilize IMVU. The most popular avatar-based social network is IMVU. In random chats or 3D chat rooms, users create their own own avatars and use them to communicate with strangers.

IMVU deletes inactive accounts, right?
In IMVU, dormant accounts have a 15–25 year window before being deleted. Being an IMVU fan since the beginning of 2010, I think it terrible that dormant accounts from five years ago were destroyed and will never be recovered.