How to delete my Jobcase profile?

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First you need to send an Email to the following information:
“Hello, Jobcase
I wish to remove my account and every piece of data you have about me. Please send me an email to let me know when this has been completed. Thanks!”

Do I need to cancel or deactivate first? Which is most suitable for me? Do they affect my account in the same ways? What are the distinctions between canceling and deleting a Jobcase account? If I wish to return to the platform later, perhaps when additional chances become available once more, is there any way to reactivate it after deletion? Can I continue to utilize all services while ceasing to sign up or upload any new content as long as I don’t log out of my browser?

You must cancel your Jobcase account before you can delete it. Contrary to deletion, cancellation keeps all of the information in your profile intact and open to other users. Your username/email address and password must be entered once again when re-registering on the login screen in order to reactivate or log into your account. This is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want others to be able to access information from your previous job search platform because nothing is permanently removed, so if something changes later (like new opportunities), you won’t have to worry!

If you’ve previously canceled but would like to delete it in its place, please get in touch with our support staff and provide evidence that you’ve done so.


How do I get rid of a job case?

To unsubscribe, enter your email address in the area provided and click the drop-down button next to “I wish to unsubscribe from Jobcase.” Enter your request in the “Message box” and then click “Submit” to confirm.

Is Jobcase a safe site?

Consumer reviews for JobCase have a rating of 1.32 stars out of 5, which shows that the majority of customers are disappointed with their purchases. In terms of overall job sites, JobCase is ranked 120th.