How to delete my lipsi account on my iPhone?

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To remove Lipsi from your iPhone, click and drag the app until it begins to shake on the homescreen. When Lipsi starts to tremble, an X will appear at the top of the icon, indicating that clicking on it will remove the application.

How to remove LIPSI ACCOUNT?

We must first confirm that “Lipsi” is not currently running on the iPhone before we can remove your Lipsi account. To accomplish this, click the red circle with a ‘X’ in it that appears when you choose the app icon on your home screen. An alert dialog box will appear when you click on this icon, warning you that you are about to force-quit an application. Wait for Lipsi to close before pressing continue. The following time Lipsi tries to run, end the prompt by pressing “cancel” rather than repeating the process. By right-clicking and selecting “delete,” you may also remove Lipsi from your iTunes collection. You can get errors claiming that some files are missing or corrupt if you sync your phone again. If so, reset your iPhone by pressing and holding down the “slide to power off” button while holding down the power button until you see an animated slider. Re-sync your phone after removing it from iTunes to make sure all files are erased.

Google “uninstall apps” and follow the directions to delete the app. Make sure the program is not in use before going to settings -> apps -> manage applications -> find Lipsi -> Force stop (when there are no more pop-ups), and then select uninstall from system. You might need to restart your device and confirm any pop-ups that appear if the application persists. You can also try deleting your cache by going to your settings, selecting “programs,” selecting “all,” and repeatedly hitting “clear cache” until the information is deleted for all of the applications listed.

After that, for it to function, you must restart your device and sign back into your lipsi account. Press the home button twice and look for Lipsi on your phone to find out how to force-quit the app. One finger will be used to launch the application while the other is used to hold down “End” until a popup window requesting you to force quit the application opens. If this doesn’t work, press ok of course, then reboot, and try again.


How do I delete my Match account on my Iphone?

On any page, click “My Account Settings” at the top. You should notice a link that says, “To suspend or delete your account, click here,” as you scroll to the bottom. You must choose between suspending and deleting your account.

How do I delete my match app?

From your home screen, launch the Google Play Store application. To reach Account, tap the menu button (three horizontal lines), then scroll down. To cancel this channel using your device and Google account, tap Subscriptions, Match, Cancel, then Yes.

How do I delete my US match account?

Find the “Help” section on the settings page and click there to remove your account. Under the subheading “my account options,” look for the link to suspend your account. Then adhere to the directions displayed on screen for the following: password and email address

What happens when you suspend your match account?

You will be notified through email if your account is suspended. All members will still be able to access your profile information, but they won’t be able to see it.

How to unsubscribe from match?

Using an Android gadget:

  1. Log into your phone’s Google Play Store.
  2. Find the subscription you wish to cancel by scrolling down and clicking Cancel Subscription.