How to delete my poshmark account?

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  • Register with your account.
  • next choose Settings, and finally Account Status
  • Select Eliminate Account
  • Make a new account first.
  • Visit and select “sign up” from the menu at the top of the website or “log in” from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your email address in the “establish an account with Poshmark” section, and then select “anonymous user” to sign up for Poshmark or to sign up as yourself (i.e., use your name). Next, enter all the necessary details about yourself, including your first and last names, gender, birthday, etc. Enter your password twice more and, if you’d like, choose some security questions; see our FAQs for more information on privacy.


Why can’t I delete my poshmark account?

Make sure to first redeem any remaining sale balances on the app before deleting a Poshmark account. If you recently sold something, there might be a redemptable amount or outstanding transaction that needs to be settled before the account can be closed. … If you are signed into the app when you delete your account, all of your profile and previous activity data will be erased. Logging out of the app before to deletion will offer an extra layer of privacy protection by preventing the potential leakage of personal data onto connected accounts after the accounts have been removed.

How do I turn off my poshmark closet?

On my laptop, how can I delete my Gmail account?
Just navigate to the Settings tab of Poshmark Support Center > Vacation Hold. Switching the setting to “on” will mark all of your listings as “Not For Sale.”

Can you disable your poshmark?

Please sign in from a web browser and click the account icon if you want to remove your Poshmark account.