How to delete my primary blog on Tumblr?

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Removing your blog from the internet:

Click Settings on the dashboard. On the right side of this page, click the name of the blog you want to remove or keep. Click Delete Blog under Actions, and then, if necessary, click Delete My Blog Again or Leave My Blog, to confirm your choice.

How to delete a blog on Tumblr

The whole procedure only takes a few minutes, but because Tumblr deletes accounts automatically after 30 days, you must finish it right away. Please send an email to if you haven’t deactivated an account within 30 days of joining up or updating information. Please visit the Tumblr Help Center for more information about removing blogs on Tumblr.

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What to do next:

  1. Delete Account by going to Tumblr Dashboard > Tumblr Name (top-right).
  2. By clicking “delete,” Tumblr will ask if you really do want to delete your account after you accept the terms of service and privacy statement.
  3. After entering your Tumblr password twice, click “Delete my Account” once more. That’s it!

How to delete Tumblr temporarily?


How do I delete a second tumblr account?

taking down a Tumblr blog
Enter your Tumblr login information. Choose the blog option you want to delete under “Account.” To delete the chosen blog post, press on it and then tap Delete to confirm.

How do I unlink blogs on Tumblr?

If your blog is defunct and retired, we advise that you delete it entirely. Please follow the directions below to accomplish this:
1) Sign in to your account at using your username and password.
2) In the “settings” right column, click the Settings icon.
3) Under the gray section, scroll down to find the “Delete This Blog” option.

Why can’t I delete my Tumblr?

Go to and click the delete account button at the bottom of the page to deactivate your Tumblr account (highlighted below). When you follow these instructions, Tumblr will be completely cleared of all personal content.

Can you disable Tumblr without deleting?

On the same Tumblr account, you can have many blogs, and if you do, you can delete them without also deleting your Tumblr account. … Select Delete [blog name] at the bottom of the page by scrolling down.
When finished: If you have numerous Tumblr blogs on the same Tumblr account, you can delete them without also deleting your Tumblr account. …
Select Delete [blog name] at the bottom of the page as you scroll down. If you attempt to do this on your main blog, “Delete [blog name]” will not appear as button text.

How do I delete all Tumblr posts?

On the right side of your Dashboard is where you’ll find the Mass Post Editor. Additionally, you may access it by choosing Posts in the navigation bar below your name. You can delete any post by selecting it and choosing Delete Selected Posts from a list of posts that should appear after clicking this.