How to delete my Skout app fast?

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  • Your account can be made inactive.
  • By selecting “Deactivate Account” from the Settings page at any time.
  • when you make your account inactive.
  • It is hidden from view by other Services users.

Users of iPhones, Android devices, and Windows phones can download the Skout app from the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft store. You must first uninstall the Skout app from your device before deleting it.

Though you want to request deletion even if the app isn’t yet loaded on your device, click to Request Delete.

1) iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad): Open Settings and select General > Profile(s) & Device Management from the home screen. Click “Skout.” Choose “Move to trash.” Then touch Move next to the profile name to confirm. Once this procedure is finished, click “Done.” The software will be removed from your device, but it might still be accessible through iTunes.

2) Android: Open the Settings app on your phone or tablet and select Apps or Application Manager. Find the app, pick it out, and then click “Uninstall.” It might be necessary for you to confirm this action by tapping OK in a box that appears on screen. Please click here to request deletion if you do not see your Skout profile displayed as an App under Applications. Once this procedure is finished, click “OK.” Although the app will be removed from your device, its history on Google Play might not.

3) On a Windows Phone, open Messaging and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get the menu. To manage apps, select More > Settings > App settings. Skout Profile can be tapped. Choose “Uninstall,” then hit the red button to confirm. It might be necessary for you to confirm this action by tapping OK in a box that appears on screen. Please click here to request deletion if you do not see your Skout profile displayed as an App under Applications. Once this procedure is finished, click “OK.” The app will be removed from your device, but it can still be accessible through your Microsoft history.

Please be aware that uninstalling the Skout app from your device does not erase your user information from our database. As a result, anyone with access to the same account can still view all of your previous interactions, including shared content and favorites, unless you decide to delete those particular items or choose not to share future activities by going to Settings > Privacy > Share With Others and changing your settings appropriately.

Please email us at if you have any queries regarding deactivating your account or removing the app from your device.

Visit our Privacy & Security page for details on how to remove user profile information such shared content, favorites, location history, etc. Go to Preferences > Privacy > Share with others and change your settings to permanently opt out of sharing future activities with others.

Delete the application

  1. On your iPad, go to Settings and select “Control Center.” This can be located in the upper right corner of your device’s screen if you have iOS 7 or later. It appears to be a square with a downward-pointing arrow. If applicable, this setting should be located above the words “Brightness” and “Rotation Lock.” You can also find the Skout app by going to General > Usage > Manage Storage, but you’ll need to select it to uninstall it (you cannot delete apps directly from here).
  1. Scroll down until you see “Apps” in the control center. As shown by the blue arrow in the illustration below, select Apps.
  1. Your iPad should now display a list of all the apps you have installed. Locate Skout and press it. Then, as shown in the image below, tap “Delete App” in the bottom right corner of the screen:
  2. Swipe across Skout’s image until it becomes red, indicating that you wish to remove the application.
  3. Click “Delete” in the top right corner of your screen, as shown in the following image:

By doing this, you immediately erase the app from your iPad and free up space on it. Following your selection of Delete, a confirmation prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision to remove the program by selecting “Yes” or “OK.” For any changes to take effect, your iPad may need to restart occasionally, but other times (if the apps aren’t running) they’ll take effect right away. Restoring your device should be your last resort. If an app you’ve deleted keeps coming back after your subsequent sync, go to Settings > iTunes and App Store and disable the “Automatic Downloads” setting for music, apps, and books. It will then ask if you want to disable it for all devices or just one; select the appropriate option.

Open Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage to find out how many apps are currently installed on your device. All of the apps that are currently installed on your iPhone or iPod touch are listed here and are sorted by size. Tap Installed Apps at the bottom of the screen after descending to it. Find each app individually in this section and decide whether it can be eliminated or if it is necessary for another app (like Safari) to function.


I want to delete my Scout account; what do I do?
In the top-right corner of Help Scout, click the account symbol. Click on Cancel Account at the bottom of the page after choosing Your Plan from the dropdown menu on the left side of your screen. Select a justification for canceling your

How can I remove her app?
Tap and hold the HER:Lesbians LGBTQ Dating App icon on your apps screen until it begins to shake. When the app icon starts to tremble, swipe it away from you from left to right.

How can I deactivate my Like app for good?
How can an app account be deleted? Use these methods to delete your account:
Launch the app, then sign in. Select “Settings” by tapping on your profile in the top left corner of your phone’s display. Select “Delete Account” from the settings page.

How can I get my Skout account back online?
Check out their FAQ for more details on the services they offer. Skout provides 24/7 support via an online form for specific questions you might have.