How to delete my TransUnion account?

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You can cancel TransUnion by calling their customer support line at (800) 888-4213.

How To Cancel TransUnion

One of the most well-known credit reporting agencies is TransUnion. TransUnion provides information on credit history and outstanding debt for every state in the United States, Canada, and other nations. TransUnion and TransUnion have joined to offer a variety of services, such as TransUnion CreditVision, which gives TransUnion members an online platform to check their TransUnion credit report. Additionally, TransUnion offers its members TransUnion credit monitoring as a perk of membership. For TransUnion CreditVision and other TransUnion membership services, TransUnion also offers Transunion scores that are based on TransUnion credit records.

The quick answer is that you must cancel your account with TransUnion by getting in touch with them directly by phone or email. You may examine your transaction history online, but I do suggest printing off your statement when it arrives so that you have a physical record of everything that happened. Online at, you can access your account and any of your statements. Simply select “Transactions” from the “My Account” menu after logging into your account. From this page, you may browse all of your TransUnion statements and print any statement you choose by selecting “Print a TransUnion Statement.”

You can sign up for TransUnion CreditVision, another service offered by the company. You will receive instructions on how to discontinue TransUnion CreditVision once TransUnion has received your cancellation request. The corporation that runs TransUnion is not the same as that that runs TransUnion. Transunion has recently renamed its current membership services under this new moniker and has stopped providing the online monitoring and TransUnion scores services (these are now supplied by Transunion).

TransUnion products TransUnion are services for members of TransUnion. TransUnion has changed the names of its scoring and monitoring services to TransUnion CreditVision and TransUnion Credit Monitoring, respectively. Visit for more details on TransUnion.


In Canada, how do I close my TransUnion account?

Please contact our customer service department to discontinue your subscription. Visit en/ to view our service hours.

How can I close an account with a credit report?

Call customer service at 1-855-962-6943 to discontinue your membership service enrollment. Inform the agent that you wish to terminate your account as soon as they answer, and then complete the relevant information screens while on the call.

Can I get a refund from TransUnion for my money?

When clients discontinue their services, TransUnion does not give refunds.

How do I close my account with Scoresense?

Call (800) 972-7204 or send an email to to discontinue ScoreSense. Send an email to requesting that your account be cancelled.

How do I cancel my account with Equifax?

You can easily cancel your subscription by clicking on My Account or by calling our customer service team at (866) 640-2273.

Just how reliable is Credit Karma?

The industry standard is not based on your credit report.
Despite the fact that VantageScore’s technology offers precise data, it is not the industry norm. For the majority of users, Credit Karma is effective. Companies will frequently consider your FICO score instead of your Credit Karma report when deciding whether to accept or reject your application.