How to delete my Wattpad account?

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Go to your account and click on Settings if you wish to delete your Wattpad account. Once you see “Close Account,” continue scrolling down the page. Next, complete the box with all the necessary data, including a password. Read the description of shutting your account at the bottom of this page to decide if this is really what you want. It explains why we need your password before deleting your account and gives you the option to alter your mind. Check “I’m sure” to ensure everything is correct after that.

How to Delete Wattpad Account

Everything you need to know about deleting your Wattpad account, including how to delete it, is covered in this post.

Since Wattpad has been around for more than 6 years, there must be many articles regarding removing Wattpad accounts. Except for this one, most of them are out-of-date because Wattpad recently modified their system on August 27, 2016. Users now have an easy and secure way to delete their Wattpad accounts.

The Wattpad team is incredibly kind when it comes to granting users access to their Wattpad sites. This tool allows you to edit or remove Wattpad stories, comments, and even your entire Wattpad profile.

Do you prefer to maintain your anonymity on Wattpad? It’s alright! When you designate a story as private or anonymous, that designation is permanent (unless the author changes it).

Additionally, Wattpad users now have more options for managing their material on the platform thanks to this upgrade. To ensure that everyone receives what they truly desire—readers’ freedom and privacy, and authors’ opportunity to express themselves—this is being done.

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substantial Wattpad update

Despite what some Wattpad users may believe, changes do not just affect Wattpad. Wattpad users are the ones who have changed. Wattpad users read more books and use Wattpad less frequently. They seek liberty from restrictions and censorship.

The prohibition on submitting sexual content by Wattpad is the main justification for account deletion (as stated in numerous stories). Here are a few instances: If your story contains strong sexual content or mature language, you are not permitted to publish it. Because of this problem, authors who break the Wattpad Terms of Service risk being blocked or banned, which wearisomely kills their willingness to attempt new things. Image through tumblr-imgfave, but a significant feature.

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How can I delete my account?

On your iOS or Android device, launch the app. Tap “Edit > Delete Account” on this page. A confirmation box will appear after you have done this. Click “Remove” to confirm that you want to delete your account. Your data has been cleaned, and any matches have been eliminated.

Inactive Wattpad accounts are they deleted?

Although Wattpad’s Code of Conduct and Terms of Service give it the right to deactivate accounts that break the law, there are no publicly stated conditions for the deletion of inactive profiles.

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Is wattpad legal?

A policy is in place at Wattpad to prevent copyright infringement on the platform. Our community has members in more than 190 nations, so we have implemented the same policy everywhere.

Is wattpad safe?

In conclusion, is Wattpad safe for children? Users under the age of 18 are not advised to use Wattpad. Actually, you don’t even need to look to uncover objectionable material. Despite having a joint account with their child, some parents still expose their kids to graphic book covers and descriptions.

How do I deactivate my account forever?

It’s likely that if you’re reading this, you want to delete your account. To accomplish this, navigate to the website for deleting accounts and click “Delete Account” after providing your user name or nickname and password.