How to delete my World of Warcraft account?

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You must remove all of your personal data from your World of Warcraft (WoW) account and close the account in order to erase it. If you decide to do this, please submit a request to have your personal information deleted, and if you do this, all information related to that account will be permanently erased.

How to delete World of Warcraft account

Asking a fish if cold water is lovely is similar to asking if deleting a WoW account is simple. Players of WoW are there to enjoy the game’s experience rather than play it for its own sake. WoW accounts are linked to your gamertags because, after 60 hours of drudgery, Kronos told you, “Not this server.” This post will serve as a how-to manual for easily deleting your World of Warcraft account and creating a new one.

There are two different kinds of characters in World of Warcraft: WoW characters and WoW accounts. Existing WoW accounts can have characters added to them, but characters cannot have accounts deleted from them. If you have friends that play World of Warcraft on various servers, be aware that they have no other option than contacting customer service for technical issues if they want to delete your WoW account or move it to another server.

To remove your WoW account on a PC, just do this:

Enter “TASKMGR” without the quotations and click OK in the Start > Run window. Select the “explorer” process. When you right-click on it, select End Task. If a UAC prompt appears, select Allow (Read) or Yes. WoW is going away. Open World of Warcraft once more and select “Change Character” from the main menu. You will be prompted by WoW to confirm that you want to remove your account. Select Delete My WoW Account. Depending on the quantity of your WoW characters and inventory, the deletion of your WoW account may take some time. You will be prompted by WoW to choose the server you want to play on. After selecting a character, WoW will delete your account. When WoW successfully deletes your World of Warcraft account, the notice “Please wait while World of Warcraft configures your character.” will show up.


How do I delete an inactive World of Warcraft account?

Contact blizzard support if you wish to transfer any inactive or garbage accounts to your newly created (tickets are junk).

How do I get rid of my account?

On your phone, select Settings and then press Delete Account. When prompted, choose Yes to erase all matches and your entire account, including all data and pictures.

How do I rename my WOW account?

Unfortunately, individual World of Warcraft accounts cannot have their names changed. Your username might be unique if you created your account before the new Blizzard Account system. If you don’t, other players won’t know your account name or how to use it to request an invitation.

How do I delete my PiggyVest account?

Please submit an email to [email protected] with a deletion request if you want your PiggyVest account to be deleted permanently.

How much is a WoW name change?

You can alter your in-game name for $10 per time by logging into Account Management ( using your account.