How to delete read-only contact from your phone ?

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Simply select “Delete Contacts” under Setup > Delete Contacts to remove contacts from your Salesforce account.

How to delete contacts from my read-only account? – Contact Management

One contact at a time, or all of them at once, can be removed from your read-only account. To do this:

Single contact: Tap and hold the contact to select it. This will bring up a pop-up menu with one choice labeled “Delete.” Click that option to permanently remove the selected contact from your list.

Multiple contacts: Open a contact list by choosing “Contacts” from the main menu bar. Scroll down to find the desired contacts, then tap and hold on any number of icons until they are all highlighted. This will open a pop-up window with several options; you must decide whether to delete only those particular contacts or your entire address book in order for them to be all deleted.

You might be asking how to remove contacts from your account if you have read-only access to your company’s Salesforce instance. We have some good news for you if this is the case—really it’s fairly easy! Simply select “Delete Contacts” under Setup > Delete Contacts to remove contacts from your Salesforce account.

The next question is, “Are you sure?” The contact will be removed if you click “Yes”! Alternatively, you can click a red X next to a contact to delete them from your account if you wish to delete some contacts but not others. Please let us know if there are any errors or if you have any queries about how this works.

Bonus: If you need to delete a large number of contacts at once, you may also do so by using Salesforce CLI commands like “sfdx forceDeleteContacts.” Users with higher access levels will be able to quickly and conveniently remove their read-only accounts without leaving.


How to permanently delete contacts from my phone?

Open the Contacts app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Suppress contact: Single contact: Press Delete, then press Forever. Touch and hold on one contact while holding down the button, then press on further contacts to pick them all at once; Empty Trash can be accessed by selecting More from your screen’s bottom right corner. Delete forever is now a menu item available on mobile devices. All contacts: When using a desktop browser while connected to a computer via a cable, tap Empty Trash to delete them all at once for viewing in the Contacts list.

How to delete contacts on Android?

Select the contact you want to remove by opening the Contacts app. On their profile page, pick “Details,” then click the three dots in the upper-right corner of your screen. You must select “Delete” and confirm your deletion request.

How do I delete contacts from my phone?

a solitary contact Press the contact. Forever delete. Forever delete.
a number of contacts Tap the other contacts after touching and holding one contact. Hit “More” forever remove Forever delete.
Every contact: Now select Empty Trash. Forever delete.