How to delete Samsung account on Galaxy s5?

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  • Select Accounts and backup under Settings.
  • Change Personal info > Remove account after tapping Account information, selecting your Samsung account. Review your options before completing by going over the data and authenticating yourself with a password to delete the account from your device.

Go to Settings and select Accounts > Add Account to remove the Samsung account from the Galaxy S. Select Google or another search engine of your choosing. If there is a phone backup accessible for this account, it will immediately import all data from the prior one when you sign in with that one.


How do I remove Samsung account from Samsung phone?

Open Settings on your phone and tap Accounts to log out of your Samsung Account. You may manage any aspect of your account information here. Next, choose Sign out from the three-dot menu symbol.

How can I delete my Samsung account without password?

The easiest way to remove Samsung’s account is to visit the reset Samsung website directly.
On your computer or mobile browser, go to the login page and click on “Sign in.” Below the sign-in option, you will see two options: “Forget ID” and “reset password.” Click on either one.

What is Samsung account used for?

You can use Samsung Pay, sync your Samsung apps across all of your devices, and sign up for news and offers with your Samsung Account, among other features.