How to delete the iCloud account from iPhone?

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  • the Settings app, then.
  • also iCloud.
  • Find Delete Account.
  • And then tap on it near the page’s bottom.
  • Click to confirm your decision.
  • Remove or log out.


How can I remove a different Apple ID from my iPhone?

Go to Find My iPhone to unlink a device from their account. To see a list of all the devices connected to their account, choose “All Devices” from the drop-down box, and then pick the device you wish to unlink. the “Delete From Account” button.

How do I delete an iCloud account from my iPhone without a password?

You cannot sign out of an account or delete it without the password. When it comes to account security, that is simply common sense. Therefore, before making a withdrawal, you’ll need to reactivate and change the password.

How can I get rid of the previous owner from my iPhone’s iCloud?

Visit in your browser. Go to the iCloud account page after signing in and choose “Find My iPhone.” From the drop-down menu, choose “All Devices”. After that, tap “Delete Account.”

How can I remove a different person’s iCloud account?

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Decide on iCloud.
  • Choose the “Delete Account” option by scrolling all the way down. There are two choices available to you: “Keep on My iPhone” and “Delete from My iPhone.”

How is an Apple ID account deleted?

Log in to the Data and Privacy area of the Apple website using your Apple ID. Click the Request to Remove Your Account tab under Delete Your Account. Before selecting Continue on the new screen, select a reason for deletion from the drop-down selection.