How to delete Tumblr temporarily?

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How Do I Temporarily Deactivate My Tumblr Account? The ways to temporarily turn off updates to your posts and updates from other bloggers are listed below.

1) Access the profile settings.

2) Click “Inactive” in the “Blog Status” column.

How to temporarily delete Tumblr?

Although Tumblr is a strong social media platform, if it doesn’t meet your needs or you want to explore what Tumblr would look like without Tumblr, here’s how to momentarily remove Tumblr:

  • Tumblr can be momentarily erased in just a few minutes. Visit Tumblr at to carry out this action.
  • When you get to Tumblr, just select “log out” by clicking the downward arrow in the top right corner.
  • A new page will open with a query asking if you’re sure that’s what you want to do before proceeding (deleting Tumblr). Tumblr will vanish from your computer screen after you click “OK,” but it won’t stay gone forever!

Repeat steps 1 through 3 to say farewell to Tumblr as necessary. To remove Tumblr once more, all you need is an internet connection!

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What happens when you deactivate Tumblr?

Any group blogs or themes you’ve bought will be lost if you delete your Tumblr. Transfer purchases to another account rather than deleting the blog to preserve it.

After deletion, is Tumblr possible to reactivate?

If you sign up again with your previous email address, you can revive your deleted Tumblr account with all of the data still present.

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Why am I unable to remove my Tumblr account?

Your account cannot be deleted using the Tumblr mobile app. Only through the website is it possible to delete an account. If you are the only member of a secondary blog created on Tumblr, it will be terminated in addition to the core blog accounts.

How do I locate my deleted Tumblr posts?

Using backup files, how to view deleted Tumblr posts

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr account.
  2. After opening your post, select the gear icon.
  3. Click “Edit” to bring up the post’s editing window.
  4. To read the post’s HTML code, click the symbol.

How do I delete my Sideblog on Tumblr?

Do the following to remove a blog:

  • Click this.
  • Log in using the email address and password you used when you created the blog.
    Delete on Blog Name Page should be chosen if it appears in the drop-down menu.